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Link: inspiring faith inspirations [Detail] premium!
Christian faith news, end time prophecies, Israel, Articles, Sermons, Commentaries, and much more. Western culture isn't interested in truly seeing,hearing, the basic questions of life Who am I? what is my purpose, where am I going? My web-site is to immerse you in adventure of knowledge,purpose and truth the quest for life and happiness
Date : Jul-03-2014 - inspiring faith inspirations : n/a
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Link: Living By God's Word [Detail] premium!
The Bible is the most important book ever written. It contains all of life's answers. The Bible teaches God's word and tells us how to lead a fulfilling prosperous life.
Date : Jun-28-2014 - Living By God's Word : n/a
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Link: Audio bible international [Detail] premium!
Church audio collection includes high quality digital MP3 singles and videos! Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Finnish, Thai, Burmese and English and much more.
Date : Jan-13-2012 - Audio bible international : n/a
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Link: God Love Bible [Detail] premium!
God Love Bible verses gave his only son Jesus Christ of jesus love Bible help quotes for Christian living.
Date : Jun-27-2009 - God Love Bible : Excellent!
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Link: Bible Mail Direct. Email me some scripture. [Detail] premium!
Now you can send a message from the online Bible to a friend, loved one or a stranger. This site is very convenient and fast. Search for scripture related to what point you are trying to make. Send the email with a personal message. Brighten someone's day.
Date : Nov-18-2008 - Bible Mail Direct. Email me some scripture. : n/a
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Link: Christian Books, Coaching, Consulting, Training [Detail]
Dirty Feet Ministries release simple to-the-point Christian Books, simply-to-serve through life-skill training services Coaching, Consulting Training
Date : Jun-21-2014 - Christian Books, Coaching, Consulting, Training : n/a
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Link: Edifying Medias [Detail]
Christian Website. Discussions, bible studies, news, documentaries.
Date : Feb-09-2014 - Edifying Medias : n/a
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Link: Guarding the Heart Blog [Detail]
Christian blog that deals with Teenagers,religion,life , christ , prayer , songs , worship , revival ,evangelism , prophecies etc
Date : Sep-24-2011 - Guarding the Heart Blog : n/a
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Link: Healing Stream Deliverance Ministries [Detail]
Our website is for Spiritual Benifits Financial opportunities please check our online shopping page for more information.
Date : Feb-15-2011 - Healing Stream Deliverance Ministries : n/a
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Link: Lesson To Life [Detail]
Lesson To Life is a collection of a series of lessons about life, Bible, church, family, forgiveness, hope, love, success and truth.
Date : Oct-27-2010 - Lesson To Life : n/a
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Link: Redemption Tube [Detail]
Christian Video Sharing Community churches and ministry sharing in prayer and encouragement, Christian videos, music and bible study. Free Membership
Date : Oct-25-2009 - Redemption Tube : n/a
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Link: Dreams and Visions Interpretation [Detail]
Experience modern day prophecy and miracles through dream and vision transcriptions. Visionary Adam Kadmon, a descendant of the bloodline of the prophets receives his communications directly from the angels in heaven. Through his transcriptions you can understand God's reasoning and the true meaning of spirituality
Date : Jun-12-2008 - Dreams and Visions Interpretation : n/a
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Link: Divine Destiny Ministries [Detail]
The primary purpose of Divine Destiny Ministries is to Take the gospel to the nations and educating God's people about Sexual Purity, Restoration, family values, marriages, business, salvation, youth ministry and living an effective and enjoyable life.
Date : Oct-25-2007 - Divine Destiny Ministries : n/a
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Link: Prison and Jail Ministry [Detail]
Have a love one currently incarcerated? Just released from a correctional institution yourself and the doors seem to be revolving? This website is for you. Prison n' Jail Ministry will help guide and direct you to break the spiritual shackles. Website developed by Chaplain Kurt Glover who himself is an ex-inmate who received a divine revelation.
Date : Sep-19-2007 - Prison and Jail Ministry : n/a
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Link: kalsarpa, narayan nagbali, kaalsarpa,pitrudosh [Detail]
Narayan Nagbali, Kalsarpa Shantik, Tripindi Shradhha, Vishnu Bali, Tirtha Shradhha, Nakshatra Shantik, Laghurudra, Maharudra, Maha Mrityunjay Jap, Abhishek,
Date : Aug-18-2007 - kalsarpa, narayan nagbali, kaalsarpa,pitrudosh : n/a
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Link: Living In God's Truth [Detail]
Minsitry with daily devotions and other materials to help people discover the truth and learn about Christ.
Date : May-12-2007 - Living In God's Truth : n/a
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Link: we need donations please!!!!! [Detail]
we are in need of small or large donations for various kid programs & expansion.
Date : Apr-29-2007 - we need donations please!!!!! : n/a
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Link: Love That Matters [Detail]
Christian bible study, sermon podcast, God blog, prayer request, and internet ministries.
Date : Mar-28-2007 - Love That Matters : n/a
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Link: Flip Your Lips [Detail]
christian, love, peace, hope, happiness, faith, life, down home christian site, fun, shout, inspirational
Date : Mar-10-2007 - Flip Your Lips : Excellent!
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Link: Tellout presents evangelism and photograph gallery [Detail]
Tellout presents evangelism resources such as Journey, Glory, Household of Faith, Mystical Body and a photos gallery
Date : Mar-04-2007 - Tellout presents evangelism and photograph gallery : n/a
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Link: The Crossroads Spiritual Counseling and Ministries [Detail]
Great Online Connection to Licensed-Ordained minister for Spiritual Counseling-Coaching. Connect to Rev Jenine McCune right from the internet! Rev Jenine is also available for speaking engagements. Please see our website!
Date : Feb-13-2007 - The Crossroads Spiritual Counseling and Ministries : n/a
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Link: Feed a hungry child its free [Detail]
Become a humanitarian, to bring happyness & comfort to others gives your life meaning.
Date : Feb-13-2007 - Feed a hungry child its free : n/a
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Link: Iglesia El Shaddai [Detail]
Local church in 7056 Milwwod Ave Canoga Park, CA 91303 Visit us on Wed. 7:30 Fri. 7:30 and Sundays 9:15 & 11:00am or write us if you have a prayer need. God Bless you
Date : Feb-10-2007 - Iglesia El Shaddai : n/a
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Link: I See Him. I See Jesus. God's Word [Detail]
Ken Kreh's 480 page Christian Book, "I See Him... I See Him! God's WORD to Witness By" examines the Bible, using scripture from both the Old and New Testaments to find Jesus. Ken presents the evidence from scripture and allows you the reader to search and discover for yourself what the scriptures reveal- that the Bible is the biography of Jesus
Date : Feb-03-2007 - I See Him. I See Jesus. God's Word : n/a
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Link: Bathampton Church [Detail]
This is the website of St Nicholas church in Bathampton, Bath, St Marys church in Claverton, Bath and the Australia Chapel home to the Arthur Phillip Memorial. Arthur Phillip was the first Governor of New South Wales, Australia
Date : Sep-28-2006 - Bathampton Church : n/a
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Link: Can God Make Me Rich? [Detail]
A system that will improve your prayer with God, create abundance and infinite wealth. 100% Guaranteed!
Date : Aug-06-2006 - Can God Make Me Rich? : n/a
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Link: Toronto Chariot Festival [Detail]
The 34th Annual Toronto Rath Yatra (Chariot Festival) of Lord Jagannath in 2006.
Date : Jul-05-2006 - Toronto Chariot Festival : n/a
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Link: Robert Tilton [Detail]
To set people free of their bondage to the evils of the world and the thief that comes to kill, steal,and destroy is Robert Tilton's mission.
Date : May-19-2006 - Robert Tilton : n/a
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Link: Christian crisis pregnancy center advocates [Detail]
Scared? Pregnant? We are a non-profit Christ centered ministry dedicated to helping women in crisis pregnancies. We offer free pregnancy testing,abortion & post abortion counseling, practical support, baby furniture, maternity & infant clothing,& doula care when needed.
Date : Apr-05-2006 - Christian crisis pregnancy center advocates : n/a
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Link: Angela Rose Scott [Detail]
Angela Rose Scott was born on August 13th 1969. Angela was a pretty and cheerful little girl who grew up to be an extremely attractive and thoughtful young lady; she always thought of others and was dearly loved by her family and friends. Angela was diagnosed with breast cancer and died May 17th 1996 following a long illness which she bore with gr
Date : Nov-25-2005 - Angela Rose Scott : n/a

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