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Link: The Ghosts Of Genteng [Detail]
After the end of WWII disgruntled crew members mutiny to obtain their navy cargo ship for use in the tramp-steamer trade.
Date : Nov-11-2005 - The Ghosts Of Genteng : n/a
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Link: The Banned Equation [Detail]
This book introduces a solution to the square root of negative numbers, and a correlative corrected method for squaring negative numbers, rendering imaginary numbers unnecessary and obsolete.
Date : Nov-11-2005 - The Banned Equation : n/a
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Link: Letters of a Civil War Soldier [Detail]
Two soldiers of the 28th New York Volunteers describe life during the first two years of the Civil War.
Date : Nov-10-2005 - Letters of a Civil War Soldier : n/a
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Link: The Tumultuous Times of Jesus in the 21st Century [Detail]
In this satirical tale, Jesus returns and discovers His job in nothing less than dismantling the corrupt rightwing Christian church.
Date : Nov-10-2005 - The Tumultuous Times of Jesus in the 21st Century : n/a
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Link: Journey Home [Detail]
Danny and his band escape through Florida and Louisiana looking for a steady gig and something to eat.
Date : Nov-10-2005 - Journey Home : n/a
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Link: Gold To Refine [Detail]
Gold To Refine is a collection of appealing short stories by a minister who has lived life to the full.
Date : Nov-09-2005 - Gold To Refine : n/a
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Link: Brownwater III [Detail]
A comical adventure about a young Vietnam sailor trying to leave Vietnam on medical leave. Third book in a series.
Date : Nov-09-2005 - Brownwater III : n/a
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Link: Secrets Of The Damned-Cast Shadows [Detail]
A man redeems himself facing his inner demons in a story about love, revenge, life, death, and good vs. evil.
Date : Nov-09-2005 - Secrets Of The Damned-Cast Shadows : n/a
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Link: I Gave Up My Life to Find IT [Detail]
The story describes understanding, accepting and expressing Truth, with a process for rising above that which prevents joy and love.
Date : Nov-09-2005 - I Gave Up My Life to Find IT : n/a
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Link: Free Love Confidential: After the Commune [Detail]
Gypsy meets the other wives of her commune-leader husband and finds that free love has a price.
Date : Nov-08-2005 - Free Love Confidential: After the Commune : n/a
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Link: Journal of a Rambling Mind [Detail]
Journal of a Rambling Mind: The Selected Works of Billy Wiseman - A short story collection.
Date : Nov-08-2005 - Journal of a Rambling Mind : n/a
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Link: Florida Critters [Detail]
It is about endangered animals and ecology in the Florida Everglades. The animals turn invisible and have to do a good deed before they get their aviator hats.
Date : Nov-08-2005 - Florida Critters : n/a
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Link: - Bücher,Möbel,Flohmärkte [Detail]
Gebrauchte Bücher finden Sie im Onlineshop von Wir führen regelmässig Flohmärkte in Schwäbisch Gmünd durch. Besuchen Sie uns in unserer Flohmarkthalle.
Date : Nov-08-2005 - - Bücher,Möbel,Flohmärkte : n/a
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Link: Strike at the Heart [Detail]
Sent to fight biological terror in East Africa, a U.S. Army unit is zapped into the past and struggles back.
Date : Nov-08-2005 - Strike at the Heart : n/a
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Link: In the Eye of the Beholder [Detail]
Adapting characters from The Song of Roland, this fairy tale involves a malicious spell, s quest and a riddle about true beauty.
Date : Nov-07-2005 - In the Eye of the Beholder : n/a
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Link: Write The Vision [Detail]
Book of poetry with a spiritual content as it relates to personal and world events.
Date : Nov-07-2005 - Write The Vision : n/a
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Link: Abraham A. Davidson Photographs 1964-2004 [Detail]
Expressive photographs in black and white taken in a variety of places -- New York, Jerusalem, Vienna, Paris, Ireland and more.
Date : Nov-06-2005 - Abraham A. Davidson Photographs 1964-2004 : n/a
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Link: A Songwriters's Story [Detail]
A Songwriter's Story is a fascinating journey of music, love, and endurance of singer-songwriter Jason Taylor in the music business.
Date : Nov-04-2005 - A Songwriters's Story : n/a
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Link: The Call [Detail]
Set in the Pre World War I life of a small lumbering town of the Thumb of Michigan, it teems with intrigue, gossip, religion, love and action.
Date : Nov-03-2005 - The Call : n/a
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Link: The Pollinator: In His Own Words [Detail]
Descendants discover a journal which chronicles the author’s development of supernatural powers engendered by the mystic art of surfing.
Date : Nov-03-2005 - The Pollinator: In His Own Words : n/a
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Link: The Mischievous Cats [Detail]
Zeke and Rambo are adventurous cats who fall into goofy situations and learn that home is where the heart is.
Date : Nov-03-2005 - The Mischievous Cats : n/a
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Link: The Limited God of Unlimited Love [Detail]
The greatness of God is not in the power of his everlasting might, but in the glory of his emotions.
Date : Nov-02-2005 - The Limited God of Unlimited Love : n/a
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Link: God Has Been Whispering In My Ear [Detail]
This book is about the spiritual healing of the wounded innerchild and spiritual transformation through dream work. It demonstrates that God is a present reality which can be encountered experientially. Living life in the light of this reality eliminates the feeling of meaninglessness and brings a deep and abiding inner peace.
Date : Nov-01-2005 - God Has Been Whispering In My Ear : n/a
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Link: My Highway of Life Had Many Detours [Detail]
My life defined by stories covering many routes and locations, mainly in the USA and Africa, and the lessons learned.
Date : Nov-01-2005 - My Highway of Life Had Many Detours : n/a
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Link: Agapea - Spanish books [Detail]
Agapea is a Spanish online bookstore specialized in Spanish scientific books with topics including travelling, culture, language, economics, law, medicine, technology and many more.
Date : Oct-31-2005 - Agapea - Spanish books : n/a
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Link: The Truth From God [Detail]
Visions that were seen by a Common housewife that happened thousands of years ago, and were documented and published.
Date : Oct-31-2005 - The Truth From God : n/a
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Link: Merely A Madness [Detail]
A number of guests are kidnapped from a Central Florida Theme Park—This is the Theme Park Capital of the world. The kidnapping is successful—the people kidnapped are important and wealthy, or related to important wealthy people.
Date : Oct-31-2005 - Merely A Madness : n/a
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Link: The Colorguardians and The Magic Books of Color [Detail]
A story about a group of people called the Colorguardians who control the colors of the world. One day the guardians get into an argument about who has the best color. They decided to teach each other a lesson by removing their color from the world until the other guardians admit that their color is the best. When they later see their color alone i
Date : Oct-31-2005 - The Colorguardians and The Magic Books of Color : n/a
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Link: Will You Be My Friend? [Detail]
A fairytale about a Baby ladybug looking for a friend. She does not know what a friend looks like so she befriends a baby spider. Teachers find the book useful comparing insects and spiders. Essential when teaching Children about friendship and discrimination.
Date : Oct-30-2005 - Will You Be My Friend? : n/a
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Link: Pergola [Detail]
Pergola opens vistas of new thought, answering questions about love, life, meaning and the human drama through poetic settings.
Date : Oct-28-2005 - Pergola : n/a

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