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Link: Singing Waiters [Detail] premium!
Singing Waiters will add an extra special memory to your event by bursting into song while serving you dinner! Hire a variety of singing waiter acts from Alive Network today for events across the UK.
Date : Sep-15-2014 - Singing Waiters : n/a
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Link: FRC All Music [Detail] premium!
From Rock to Classic All Music, the site for musicians who want to grow their fan community and create a web presence. Open your free Artist Account today, get to know other musicians, network with producers, Songwriters and your fans
Date : Aug-07-2011 - FRC All Music : n/a
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Link: Guaranteed Radio Airplay [Detail] premium!
Radio Airplay, National Charting, FM Radio Airplay and Weekly BDS Reports. Over 30yrs experience and continue to hold artist on all charts and tracking.
Date : Nov-17-2010 - Guaranteed Radio Airplay : n/a
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Link: Free the best music shop [Detail] premium!
The best song shop sell all music & video downloads at very reasonable prices,Try all music for free,from pop,rock and soul we've got the lot.
Date : Feb-02-2010 - Free the best music shop : n/a
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Link: frank sinatra impersonator [Detail] premium!
Major Entertainment Production, Inc. is your complete entertainment service that offers Celebrity Impersonators, Lookalikes and sound alikes. Featuring the best Frank Sinatra Sammy Davis Jr. Dean Martin Impersonators Look Alikes Tribute Artist & many more for your corporate functions with any size bands DJ's / Lighting / Sound
Date : Jan-28-2007 - frank sinatra impersonator : n/a
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Link: Family Traditions [Detail] premium!
Ed Palmer and his daughters singing and playing old time country classics. Great for gift and partys!
Date : Jan-14-2007 - Family Traditions : n/a
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Link: DJ Smooth4Lyfe Profile at Music Forte [Detail] premium!
This is my Music Forte Hmepage where all my latest club bangers dance hits will be put up, pleas vote for me if you enjoy my music.
Date : Nov-21-2006 - DJ Smooth4Lyfe Profile at Music Forte : n/a
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Link: | Model- & Casting Community [Detail] premium!
Online German community for models, actors and other talents. Provides gallery, information about services, casting dates, partner offers, and news.
Date : Aug-08-2006 - | Model- & Casting Community : Excellent!
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Link: Philos60 - TVI-Music [Detail] premium!
Philos60's music is based on spontaneous inspiration and expressed immediately by a musical improvisation. Vocals, melody and rhythm are improvised at the same time and recorded live. His music is called TVI-Music: Total Vocalistic Improvisation.
Date : Apr-22-2006 - Philos60 - TVI-Music : n/a
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Link: Learn to play Pink Floyd Guitar music [Detail] premium!
Pink Floyd guitar is a unique and specialised website focussed on how to play pink floyd music including guitar tabs, guitar riffs, solos, along with in-depth information about the legendary band and their mesmerizing music.
Date : Mar-05-2006 - Learn to play Pink Floyd Guitar music : n/a
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Link: Wages Of Sin gothic/deathrock [Detail] premium!
This is the homepage of San Francisco's gothic/deathrock band Wages Of Sin. They shared a studio with Batcave Specimen and performed with The Cramps, and more.
Date : Feb-16-2006 - Wages Of Sin gothic/deathrock : n/a
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Link: Remergence [Detail] premium!
The official website for Remergence. Electronica, dance and ambient music, free MP3 downloads, MP3 demos and albums to buy from our secure on-line shop.
Date : Nov-29-2005 - Remergence : Excellent!
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Link: DJ E The Music Master [Detail] premium!
DJ E service large and small scale events the vast music libary has been develope to accomodate any music taste which is why DJ E claims the motto The Music Master
Date : Nov-27-2005 - DJ E The Music Master : n/a
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Link: Bobby G. [Detail] premium!
Official Website for Bobby G. "World class Blues Guitarist" - Smokey Mountain News. With CD's, photos, articles, music samples and links.
Date : Sep-27-2005 - Bobby G. : Excellent!
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Link: Paris by Night Entertainment [Detail]
Paris by Night Entertainment are your # 1 choice in professional wedding and corporate entertainment in Melbourne. Charismatic, dynamic and highly entertaining, this wedding & corporate band provides outstanding music and entertainment, guaranteed to make any wedding or corporate event come alive with a full dance floor all night long!
Date : May-17-2011 - Paris by Night Entertainment : n/a
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Link: Twitrax - Share your music on Twitter & Facebook [Detail]
Twitrax is a social network that allows independent artists to easily upload their music to share on Twitter, Facebook many other social networks and even cellphones.
Date : Mar-08-2011 - Twitrax - Share your music on Twitter & Facebook : n/a
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Link: Adair's Music [Detail]
A site all about me and the music I create. I list information about me, list a long list of songs I made using the program garageband, advice on how to play shords for songs I like, and my favorite links! :D
Date : Oct-04-2010 - Adair's Music : n/a
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Link: Music Videos 4 free [Detail]
watch all of your favourite bands here, from Lady Gaga to Linkin Park to Black Eyed Peas to Eminem, we've got music videos for everybody!
Date : Sep-11-2009 - Music Videos 4 free : n/a
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Link: Discoogle Online Music Encyclopedia [Detail]
Discoogle is an online free music encyclopedia with info about music artists and groups. We offer biographies, full discographies including covers, catalog numbers, covers of all releases, lyrics and more.
Date : Nov-11-2008 - Discoogle Online Music Encyclopedia : n/a
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Link: Get Over 20,000 Music Industry Contacts Here [Detail] Adult Content
Who else wants to get in contact with over 20,000 record labels, managers, promoters, a&rs, radio stations and more.
Date : Jan-12-2008 - Get Over 20,000 Music Industry Contacts Here : n/a
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Link: Forever Galaxy - a true star galaxy [Detail] Adult Content
stars, vips, artists, singers, athletes, models, musicians, picturs, bios, biographies
Date : Jan-06-2008 - Forever Galaxy - a true star galaxy : n/a
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Link: Fletch & Folk [Detail]
Fletch and Folk is one of Augusta's Georgias folk/eclectic/southern rock bands.
Date : Dec-19-2007 - Fletch & Folk : n/a
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Link: About-Albuquerquenm and New Mexico [Detail]
This is a continual interactive blog showing events, stoires, and photography in New Mexico. Lots of music videos too from New Mexican musicians to famed visitors. Enjoy New Mexico lore and resources. Come visit often!
Date : Nov-12-2007 - About-Albuquerquenm and New Mexico : n/a
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Link: Funk Soul Sister [Detail]
Funk Soul Sister is the ultimate 6 piece disco party band. Outstanding vocal harmonies, together with a tight professional backing band ensure that the dancefloor is packed from the very first song to the last.
Date : Nov-08-2007 - Funk Soul Sister : n/a
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Link: -Free music and video player with mysp [Detail]
Dizzler is a FREE media player that lets you search and stream through millions of songs, videos, radio stations, and games instantly!
Date : Nov-02-2007 - -Free music and video player with mysp : n/a
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Link: Art of Music and Video [Detail]
Cool infos about jazz, Acid Jazz, Fusion, Rock and Triphop Music with related videos of the artists
Date : Aug-20-2007 - Art of Music and Video : n/a
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Link: Sax 4 sax Quartet CFM Group [Detail]
Formatosi inizialmente come laboratorio di musica d'insieme della classe di sassofono del Maestro Franco Brizzi, presso il Centro di Formazione Musicale di Barasso, il quartetto svolge oggi attività concertistica volta alla valorizzazione del repertorio sassofonistico.
Date : Jul-06-2007 - Sax 4 sax Quartet CFM Group : n/a
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Link: Caribisch band voor Themafeesten [Detail]
Een leuke band met leuke danseressen en gezellige muziek! Altijd handig voor een succesvolle feest !
Date : Jun-25-2007 - Caribisch band voor Themafeesten : n/a
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Link: Caribisch [Detail]
Caribisch Themafeest Een leuke pagina met informatie over Caribisch muziek, artiesten en danseressen
Date : Jun-25-2007 - Caribisch : n/a
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Link: Caribisch duo voor feesten [Detail]
Caribisch duo, Caribische muziek voor een caribisch themafeest, Cubaanse, Zuid Amerikaanse, Mexicaanse, Caribisch Live muziek en dans
Date : Jun-25-2007 - Caribisch duo voor feesten : n/a

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