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Referral System Tour: Earn Money Per Referral

Site owners who have a good understanding about how to increase their SEO to gain more more traffic to their sites know how important it is to have a premium listing in our directory. Our premium service currently offers up to four sub-urls (extra links within their site), optional keywords, and revenue sharing on our highly search engine optimized web pages. Because of these helpful features, site owners purchase the premium service from us on a daily basis.

Our new Referral System will allow you to earn 50% for each approved sale! When you signup for a free referral account, you will be given a link that you may post on any site that allows other site links to be displayed. We even provide you with a list of recommended sites to post your referral link once you have logged in. A unique feature is that your link will not look like a common referral or affiliate url, and the link itself is SEO friendly. So people may come across your link, find out what this site is offering, and when they purchase a premium link you will receive 50% of each sale referred by you. Please Click on the Next link located below to read more.

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