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Link: BeGreen Carbon Offsets [Detail] premium!
Offset your carbon footprint at by purchasing carbon credits. Use our carbon calculator to determine how you can reduce your impact on global warming.
Date : Aug-27-2007 - BeGreen Carbon Offsets : n/a
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Link: Bamboo Web [Detail] premium!
Good day and welcome to bamboo web. All Bamboo is a kind of grass, but the different species grow from one foot to over 100 feet. It is used as timber, food, to make paper, tools and many other useful things. Bamboo can give your yard that tropical look and feel.
Date : Jul-12-2006 - Bamboo Web : n/a
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Link: Germund Hesslow homepage [Detail]
Homepage for Germund Hesslow, professor of neurophysiology at Lund University, Sweden. Sites include scientific publications on the cerebellum, associative learning and the simulation hypothesis of cognitive function and consciousness.
Date : Nov-26-2011 - Germund Hesslow homepage : n/a
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Link: Find Standards in PDF:ASTM ISO IEC BSI DIN [Detail]
ASTM,AASHTO,ASME,API,ISO,IEC, BSI, DIN,EN,VDE,JIS,SAE,NFPA,IEEE,UL...Standards for Selling Discount ,Original & Latest PDF Standards,And we guarantee our all version are latest ones.
Date : Feb-02-2011 - Find Standards in PDF:ASTM ISO IEC BSI DIN : n/a
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Link: StormDebris, the history of meteorology [Detail]
A journey through the history of meteorology (weather) and the scientists who made it possible. StormDebris allows a one-stop learning experience for anyone interested in the weather and how we arrived where we are now in meteorology.
Date : Dec-18-2010 - StormDebris, the history of meteorology : n/a
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Link: Back Yard Astronomer [Detail]
The most comprehensive Astronomy site on the web, offering the viewer a complete learning experience in the field of Astronomy. Forums, photo gallery, telescopes, mounts, videos online courses and much more.
Date : Feb-23-2010 - Back Yard Astronomer : n/a
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Link: Vampire Bats [Detail]
Vampire Bats Information, facts, behavior, diet, food, pictures, habitat and everything about Bats.
Date : Jul-11-2008 - Vampire Bats : n/a
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Link: new philosophy of physics [Detail]
new aspects by philosophy of physics, analitical concept transcendentality form of Universe
Date : Oct-15-2007 - new philosophy of physics : n/a
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Link: Kingzones - Making Web Better [Detail]
Get the time of your city at World Time Zone, separate country List, Get the free online books on your favorite programming language. Also send SMS to your loved ones, SMS collection on love, friendship, etc.
Date : Jul-24-2007 - Kingzones - Making Web Better : n/a
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Link: Schematics Circuits Projects [Detail] is a free Electronic Circuits Directory service with a collection of thousands of categorized circuits, schematics and electro-technical projects around the internet. Plus Electronic Books & equipment store.
Date : Jul-17-2007 - Schematics Circuits Projects : n/a
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Link: the think site [Detail]
A site that offers a lot to "think" about. A place to let your mind open up... plenty to put your mind to and plenty to think about... join in and discuss some very thought-provoking topics with some minds as inquisitive as yours.
Date : Jul-15-2007 - the think site : n/a
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Link: Henri Wittmann Archives [Detail]
Archives of the scientific writing of emeritus professor Henri Wittman 1963-2002. Henri Wittmann is no doubt the first modern linguist to have studied the non-standard forms of Québec French (notably Joual, Magoua and Chaouin) in a theory-orientated and comparative framework.
Date : Jul-05-2007 - Henri Wittmann Archives : n/a
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Link: Henri Wittmann linguist [Detail]
Archives of the linguistic work of emeritus professor Henri Wittmann published between 1963 and 2002. Henri Wittmann is no doubt the first modern linguist to have studied the non-standard forms of Québec French (notably Joual, Magoua and Chaouin) in a theory-orientated and comparative framework.
Date : Jul-05-2007 - Henri Wittmann linguist : n/a
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Link: Henri Wittmann: linguiste québécois [Detail]
Henri Wittmann a été le premier à voir le patrimoine linguistique non-standard du Québec dans un cadre grammatical comparatiste étendu à toutes les variétés du français colonial, populaires et créoles, tout en faisant appel aux modèles théoriques les plus récents.
Date : Jul-05-2007 - Henri Wittmann: linguiste québécois : n/a
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Link: underfloor heating UK [Detail]
UK Renewable Energy expert in solar heating panels, domestic wind turbine, rainwater harvesting and other water saving devices to create an eco friendly house. They provide training courses for UK plumbers to install environmental products such as underfloor heating systems, a ground source heat pump and high efficiency boilers.
Date : Jun-28-2007 - underfloor heating UK : n/a
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Link: Website for researchers [Detail]
This web site is developed to help students, faculty, reseach fellows in their publications and conferences.
Date : May-01-2007 - Website for researchers : n/a
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Link: Electronics and Radio Today [Detail]
Free information, articles and tutorials about basic electronics and radio technology
Date : Mar-21-2007 - Electronics and Radio Today : n/a
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Link: Civil Engineering Bulletin [Detail]
A place for civil engineers to meet and discuss about jobs, researches and working experiences.
Date : Jan-26-2007 - Civil Engineering Bulletin : n/a
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Link: Gate to Biotech [Detail]
Biotechnology Biotech Biotechnology companies biotechnology jobs biotechnology news biotechnology articles biotechnology industry genomics biochemistry dna genomics bioinformatics science + cloning science technology scientists science research molecular biotechnology biotechnology intelectual property oncology biotechnology
Date : Jan-19-2007 - Gate to Biotech : n/a
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Link: European Journal of International Affairs [Detail]
The European Journal of International Affairs, founded in 1988, is dedicated to shaping ideas and framing politics in order to give a common perspective and a common voice to Europe in international affairs. Published quarterly by the European Centre of International Affairs is a required reading for those who want to go beyond the headlines, and t
Date : Dec-05-2006 - European Journal of International Affairs : n/a
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Link: Evolution is Not Just a Theory [Detail]
In science, a theory is not a guess, not a hunch. It's a well-substantiated, well-supported, well-documented explanation for our observations. It ties together all the facts about something, providing an explanation that fits all the observations and can be used to make predictions.
Date : Nov-09-2006 - Evolution is Not Just a Theory : n/a
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Link: xScience.Info:: eXciting.SCIENCE.INFOrmation [Detail]
The most valuable selceted news and findings of science and technology, user written articles and reviews.
Date : Oct-31-2006 - xScience.Info:: eXciting.SCIENCE.INFOrmation : n/a
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Link: Random Rawr [Detail]
Random Rawr is a website whose goal is to combine various types of people throughout the world and have them share their knowledge with one another. This is a collaborative effort, to increase the universe's knowledge, one person at a time.
Date : Sep-28-2006 - Random Rawr : n/a
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Link: My Telescope [Detail]
Information on the reflecting and refracting telescope, as well as other astronomical telescope. Includes facts about some of the world's telescope observatories.
Date : Aug-27-2006 - My Telescope : n/a
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Link: Life Sciences Blog [Detail]
Weblog about the application of life sciences and biotechnology to modern agriculture.
Date : Jul-24-2006 - Life Sciences Blog : n/a
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Link: Science & Engineering Encyclopedia [Detail]
Science and engineering descriptions, equations, conversions, calculators and material data. Organized by A to Z, subject and interlinked.
Date : May-27-2006 - Science & Engineering Encyclopedia : n/a
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Link: :: ocean life, marine biology [Detail]
An evolving online tribute to all ocean life, marine biology, and marine conservation. A nonprofit volunteer organization of marine biologists, students, professors, and conservation advocates.
Date : May-21-2006 - :: ocean life, marine biology : n/a
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Link: African Grey Parrot [Detail]
An owners guide to the African Grey Parrot. Resources on care, buying a parrot, diet, health and biology. Community forum and articles on the African Grey Parrot
Date : Apr-23-2006 - African Grey Parrot : n/a
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Link: Science-Education - A wealth of Science info [Detail]
Science-Education has a wealth of useful scientific information, and is regularly updated with new topics. The site is run and maintained by a group of current UK medical students.
Date : Apr-14-2006 - Science-Education - A wealth of Science info : n/a
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Link: Nuclear Now [Detail]
Nuclear power is the world's largest source of emission-free energy. Nuclear plants produce no controlled air pollutants or greenhouse gases.
Date : Mar-14-2006 - Nuclear Now : n/a

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