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Link: Animal Lovers' Website [Detail]
Useful information for animal lovers and pet owners. Beautiful pictures of dogs, birds, butterflies and wild animals. Inspirational quotations by famous people.
Date : Mar-01-2007 - Animal Lovers' Website : n/a
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Link: Dog selection, dog breeds, dog basics, training, c [Detail] guides you about Dog selection, dog breed selection, their eating behavior, care, dog health issues and more
Date : Feb-28-2007 - Dog selection, dog breeds, dog basics, training, c : n/a
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Link: Choosing Dogs, Dog Training, Dog Behavior. [Detail]
This site helping you how to ‘choose’ your dog’s behavior and Making the right choices for training your dog is the most important part of training your dog.
Date : Feb-28-2007 - Choosing Dogs, Dog Training, Dog Behavior. : n/a
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Link: Horses and pets (horse, dog, cat, bird, rabbits) [Detail]
Free articles about horses, dogs, cats, birds, aquarium fish, rabbits and much more. 100% free of charge.
Date : Feb-26-2007 - Horses and pets (horse, dog, cat, bird, rabbits) : n/a
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Link: Cat Health [Detail]
Find health information from our cat health. Cat Health Topics will lead you to articles about cat diseases.
Date : Feb-22-2007 - Cat Health : n/a
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Link: welcome to [Detail]
Pet Products for dogs, cats, fish, birds and reptiles, and working class animals.
Date : Feb-21-2007 - welcome to : n/a
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Link: Cutting Horses [Detail]
Cutting Horse Training from starting 2 year olds to finish show horses. Cutting Lessons available on your horse or ours. Boarding available on our 120 acre ranch located in Wheeler Canyon, Santa Paula, CA. Horses for sale at all times. Miles of trails with ocean views, irrigated pastures and stalls available. Fresh Cattle at all times.
Date : Feb-19-2007 - Cutting Horses : n/a
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Link: Princehaus Rottweilers [Detail]
Prince Haus is a leading breeder of German Rottweilers. We also carry specialized food for working dogs.
Date : Feb-13-2007 - Princehaus Rottweilers : n/a
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Link: Reef Basics [Detail]
The main purpose of this site is to educate you with all the essential information you need to build and maintain your reef. Whether this is your first attempt at building a reef tank or not, I’m sure you will find some useful information here.
Date : Feb-09-2007 - Reef Basics : n/a
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Link: BC-Doodles [Detail]
Smal Family-owned breeder of Multi-gen Asthma and Allergie Friendly True Australian Labradoodle. Easy going temperament, gets along well with other dogs. They are non shedding, friendly, adorable, easy to train. You'll bring home a healthy, fun loving, allergie-friendly Labradoodle.
Date : Feb-08-2007 - BC-Doodles : n/a
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Link: Dog Training UK [Detail]
If you would like your dog to be well trained and obedient in only three weeks we have a residential training course that guarantees results.
Date : Feb-05-2007 - Dog Training UK : n/a
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Link: Sugar Glider Petshop [Detail]
Sugar Glider Petshop has hand-tamed sugar gliders with beautiful vibrant colors. We carry cage set-ups and other great pet supplies. Check out our website for information on how to care for sugar gliders, misconceptions, of sugar gliders, and pictures of sugar gliders. We also carry special colored sugar gliders.
Date : Jan-31-2007 - Sugar Glider Petshop : n/a
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Link: Dear Hamster [Detail]
Offers helpful information and advice about cute pet hamsters, their housing and health needs
Date : Jan-31-2007 - Dear Hamster : n/a
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Link: Security of birds [Detail]
Security-related Birds-of-a-Feather Sessions Authentication, Authorization,... provides security for birds. Keeping the cage at or above eye level will reduce your...
Date : Jan-25-2007 - Security of birds : n/a
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Link: The Bulldog International Research Center [Detail]
All about the Bulldog and the Original Bulldog, information,images,puppies,breeders,breeders in USA.
Date : Jan-25-2007 - The Bulldog International Research Center : n/a
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Link: Queensland Heeler Puppies! [Detail]
We are a small Ranch located in the heart of Central California’s Wine Country. We enjoy raising Queensland Heelers, the best working dogs and companions you can get! Visit our website for more information on our MALE & FEMALE, as well as photo's from past litters. We also have a CONTACT LIST form to fill out for people who are looking for puppies.
Date : Jan-25-2007 - Queensland Heeler Puppies! : n/a
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Link: Dog behavior training [Detail]
Complete dog training guide. Find tips on crate training, dog obediance and how to deal with digging and chewing.
Date : Jan-21-2007 - Dog behavior training : n/a
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Link: Parrot Forums [Detail]
Information and advice on Parrots as pets. Including Parrot articles, forums, and much more...
Date : Jan-08-2007 - Parrot Forums : n/a
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Link: Paw Persuasion Dog Obedience Training [Detail]
Dog Obedience Training, Dog Dominance Behavior, Puppy Training - Turn Wild Willy into Docile Dan! Debunk Myths and get Hands-on Help with Rena Murray's acclaimed Newsletter, "Platinum Expert Author" Articles, and Personal Coaching. With a lifetime blending best of the dog whisper and other methods for each unique situation, Rena can solve your
Date : Jan-02-2007 - Paw Persuasion Dog Obedience Training : Excellent!
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Link: Mutley Makeovers [Detail]
dog and cat grooming in tamworth and Birmingham area, mobile housecall service. Training tips and useful information, calendars ,books and gifts.Before and after grooming pictures , breed directory with descriptions and photos. Pet of the month.
Date : Jan-01-2007 - Mutley Makeovers : n/a
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Link: Farm Life [Detail]
Pets and life on the farm is what this site is all about. If you are an animal lover or just interested in owning a farm some day drop on by.
Date : Dec-27-2006 - Farm Life : n/a
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Link: Free pet health care and home gardening articles, [Detail]
Free information about pet health care and home gardening articles, pet club , newsletters, pet shops, and links to related sites. A download section, a direct contact list to pet breeders and a fantastic free desktops page.
Date : Dec-24-2006 - Free pet health care and home gardening articles, : n/a
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Link: Breeding Betta Fish [Detail]
This is an informative site for Betta splenden lovers(Siamese Fighting Fish). The site provides information on basic Betta Splenden care, feeding, aquarium set ups, diseases, treatments, trivia, history, photos, species of Betta and how to breed Betta fish. We also have a good resource section for those who require additional information.
Date : Dec-21-2006 - Breeding Betta Fish : n/a
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Link: Pet Supplies and Meds [Detail]
Get free pet related information on owning pets and find amazing deals on pet supplies and meds.
Date : Dec-21-2006 - Pet Supplies and Meds : n/a
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Link: Equestrian Event Shirts [Detail]
Cross country shirts, cross country hat covers, riding shirts, eventing shirts, eventing hat covers, riding hat covers, silks, event tops ,event shirts ,event hat covers
Date : Dec-19-2006 - Equestrian Event Shirts : n/a
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Link: A Whole Lotta Mutts and Mixed Breeds [Detail]
A place where all mixed breed dogs and mutts come together for games, photo contest, and more. Only mutts and mixed breed dogs allowed.
Date : Dec-18-2006 - A Whole Lotta Mutts and Mixed Breeds : n/a
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Link: Border Collies Europe [Detail]
Page about Border Collies doing the job the were bred for, herding sheep. Information about the wonderful working breed and pictures online of Border Collies working
Date : Dec-13-2006 - Border Collies Europe : n/a
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Link: Pedigreed Puppies, Purebred Dogs, Pure Breed Dogs [Detail]
Purebred dogs and pedigreed puppies. We provide the best content and online resources for all purebred dog owners, dog lovers and those considering dog ownership.
Date : Dec-10-2006 - Pedigreed Puppies, Purebred Dogs, Pure Breed Dogs : n/a
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Link: Dog Directory - Dogs, Purebred [Detail]
Learn about everything dog related at Find lots of free canine information, learn about purebred dog breeds, see dog pictures, explore dog names, find pure breed dog breeders, research dog training methods, read up all dog health issues and so much more.
Date : Dec-10-2006 - Dog Directory - Dogs, Purebred : n/a
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Link: Immortal Pets – create online pet loss memorials [Detail]
Immortal Pets – create free online pet memorials as a tribute to help cope with the loss of a pet during your bereavement and grief.
Date : Dec-08-2006 - Immortal Pets – create online pet loss memorials : Excellent!

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