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Link: Mixed Martial Arts Gear [Detail] premium!
Mixed Martial Arts Gear offers quality, crafted, high- impact, comfortable trianing grear. Exclusive design, maximum protection and comfort make our handmade training gear unique in the industry.
Date : Feb-03-2006 - Mixed Martial Arts Gear : n/a
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Link: S.T.R.E.E.T. Combat Defense System [Detail]
Now More that Ever, everyday people NEED some kind of basic self defense for the streets. Some that ANYONE can learn and USE Regardless of Age, Sex or Size !?! Welcome to the S.T.R.E.E.T. Combat Defense System Oregon's Only Street Combat Instructor! Oregon's Only Street Defense System! Real Street Defense For Real Situations
Date : Jun-10-2011 - S.T.R.E.E.T. Combat Defense System : n/a
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Link: Mesa Glendale Arizona Martial Arts Karate Kickboxing [Detail]
Welcome to East West Mixed Martial Arts of Mesa, Arizona We'd like to personally welcome YOU to East West Mixed Martial Arts. You'll find that we offer the finest martial arts instruction available anywhere in a professional and comfortable setting.
Date : Feb-18-2009 - Mesa Glendale Arizona Martial Arts Karate Kickboxing : n/a
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Link: MMA Mesa Glendale Arizona Mixed Martial Arts [Detail]
Want to get in the BEST Shape of Your LIFE and learn how to FIGHT like a UFC Champion? At Mixed Martial Arts Mesa, our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes offer a COMPLETE TRAINING SYSTEM that concentrates on your ability to use leverage and superior body positioning to control your opponent on the ground regardless of size and/or strength.
Date : Feb-18-2009 - MMA Mesa Glendale Arizona Mixed Martial Arts : n/a
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Link: Online Information on Martial Arts Traing Schools. [Detail]
Martial art is an activity of fight for self-defense. Martial arts school is training center where professional teaches martial arts using different equipments and styles.
Date : Nov-24-2007 - Online Information on Martial Arts Traing Schools. : n/a
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Link: Your Safety Connection [Detail]
Your Self-defense and Security Specialists. Discount prices on Mace pepper Spray, personal security alarms, child security products and much more.
Date : Jun-11-2007 - Your Safety Connection : n/a
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Link: Clinch Fightwear Company [Detail]
The MMA Supercenter - The best MMA gear! Top brands, great prices! Top MMA products, a ton of MMA supplies and equipment including fight trunks, grappling shorts, rashguards, mma gloves, boxing gloves, jiu jitsu gis, MMA T-shirts, hoodies, nutritional supplements, UFC DVDs, and much, much more for the mixed martial arts fan and fighter!
Date : Dec-16-2006 - Clinch Fightwear Company : n/a
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Link: - Muay Thai shorts, Boxing gloves [Detail]
Muay Thai online store. Top Quality Muay Thai shorts, Boxing Gloves and Kick Boxing gears.
Date : Dec-04-2006 - - Muay Thai shorts, Boxing gloves : n/a
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Link: The Ultimate Karate Source for Karate Kids, Men, W [Detail]
Whether youre a karate student, future karate student, or a karate master, this website has been created with you in mind.
Date : Oct-29-2006 - The Ultimate Karate Source for Karate Kids, Men, W : n/a
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Link: Japanese Katana Swords From Swords Of The East [Detail]
Authentic Japanese Katana Swords at a price-beating guarantee. Real Chinese swords and hand forged Samurai weapons from all top forges: Paul Chen, Dynasty Forge, Thaitsuki, Imperial Forge, Generation 2 and many more. Premium battle ready swords for competition or collectiing from SOTE.
Date : Jul-01-2006 - Japanese Katana Swords From Swords Of The East : n/a
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Link: JKD Street Combat - online [Detail]
Your one-stop resource for free articles, discussion forums, dvds, books, and worldwide martial arts club directory.
Date : May-25-2006 - JKD Street Combat - online : n/a
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Link: Home and Personal Safety [Detail]
Online store featuring pepper spray, stun guns, can safes, key hiders, dummy cameras, wireless spy cameras, surveillance systems, motion alarms, and home security systems.
Date : May-22-2006 - Home and Personal Safety : n/a
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Link: samurai swords [Detail]
Our goal; To build our business by making good solid business decisions and to make our customers completely satisfied with every transaction that occurs. If any problems occur, they will be acted upon as quickly as possible. We intend to deal with reputable Sword manufactures that have the same attitude about dealing with customers as our company.
Date : Apr-19-2006 - samurai swords : n/a
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Link: Karate Made Easy [Detail]
Everything Karate for martial arts lovers. Easy to follow self defense instructions, karate exercises, and references to other self defense and fighting styles.
Date : Mar-21-2006 - Karate Made Easy : n/a
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Link: Kihaku Budo Dojo [Detail]
Escuela de respiración Ki: Katsugen Undo,Seitai . Artes marciales Budo, karate-do Shotokai, Aikido, Kendo. Hiwatari misogi, firewalking energy
Date : Mar-06-2006 - Kihaku Budo Dojo : n/a
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Link: Tiny Toy Poodles [Detail]
Toy poodles, tiny toy poodles, teacup, pocket poodles & miniature poodle puppies for sale.
Date : Mar-06-2006 - Tiny Toy Poodles : n/a
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Link: Australian Tricking Forum [Detail]
Martial arts tricking discussion forum powered by vbulletin. Tricking is a small but worldwide sport which has considerable overlap with Martial Arts, Gymnastics, Breakdancing, Stunts and Le Parkour.
Date : Mar-02-2006 - Australian Tricking Forum : n/a
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Link: Cheap Budget Hotels Madrid Discount Booking [Detail]
A1 Madrid Hotels offers information on Cheap Budget Accommodation and Online Hotels Booking Reservation for Hotels in Madrid Spain
Date : Feb-15-2006 - Cheap Budget Hotels Madrid Discount Booking : n/a
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Link: Cooke's Tae Kwon [Detail]
Cooke's TKD teaches the martial art of Song Moo Kwan Tae Kwon Do ( the way of the hand and foot) and is associated with the style and poomses (forms) of Karate North of Duluth Minnesota. TKD class's taught by Cooke's Tae Kwon Do , teaches the student the 7 Chong Bong poomse as developed by Karate North and fighting skills for both competition an
Date : Jan-24-2006 - Cooke's Tae Kwon : n/a
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Link: Arie van den Akker , Kuroi ryu Ninjitsu [Detail]
Back from the shadows into the light, what do we see? A ninja grandmaster appears by the name of Renshi Arie van den Akker. He offers: great Kuroi ryu ninjitsu classes and a home study programm, straight from the grandmaster himself.
Date : Jan-23-2006 - Arie van den Akker , Kuroi ryu Ninjitsu : n/a
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Link: Martial Art Fitness Academy - Kuk Sool Won [Detail]
Martial Art Fitness Academy - Kuk Sool Won traditional Korean martial arts instruction in Missouri City Texas
Date : Jan-03-2006 - Martial Art Fitness Academy - Kuk Sool Won : n/a
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Link: Martial Views [Detail]
Essays about the philosophy, psychology, history, and transformitive powers of the martial arts.
Date : Dec-26-2005 - Martial Views : n/a
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Link: Rising Star East Martial Arts [Detail]
Uechi Ryu Karate - Traditional Okinawan Style Classes for all ages! Kick Boxing Aerobic classes also offered.
Date : Nov-27-2005 - Rising Star East Martial Arts : n/a
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Link: American Institute Martial Arts [Detail]
Teaching in New Haven, Connecticut the martial arts Aikido, Jujitsu and Karate for health, fitness and self defense. Instructor Bob Liedke is best known for his Panther video series, Safe Escape Aikido.
Date : Nov-17-2005 - American Institute Martial Arts : n/a
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Link: Andrei Arlovski, UFC 55 Heavyweight Champ [Detail] is the official web site of Andrei "The Pitbull" Arlovski, the heavyweight champ of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.
Date : Nov-09-2005 - Andrei Arlovski, UFC 55 Heavyweight Champ : n/a
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Link: SEANsational -Fansite Of Pro Fighter Sean O'Haire [Detail]
News on former wrestler turned pro fighter & future champ Sean O'Haire. Includes HOTTT pics, MMA fight results, wrestling archive, bio, site exclusives and more.
Date : Nov-09-2005 - SEANsational -Fansite Of Pro Fighter Sean O'Haire : n/a
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Link: All Your Self Defense Needs - Stun Guns, Pepper Spray [Detail]
Protect Your Loved Ones! BLJ'S Self, offers a Fine Line of Self Defense and Personal Protection Products. You'll find a wide variety of Stun Guns & Taser Guns, A Great Selection of Knives, Pepper Spray Mace, Batons, Home Protection & Surveillance Products, Night Vision Products, Telescopic Batons, and Metal Detectors.
Date : Oct-16-2005 - All Your Self Defense Needs - Stun Guns, Pepper Spray : n/a
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Link: Martial Art Technologies [Detail]
Instruction in the Angeles System of Escrima, Kali, and Arnis, mixed with the concepts and philosophies of Jeet Kune Do. Includes profile on the instructor and school, photo gallery, class and contact information
Date : Jul-24-2005 - Martial Art Technologies : n/a
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Link: East Coast Dojos [Detail]
karate, Rising Sun, Maryland, Elkton, Isshinryu, jui-jitsu, jujutsu, New Castle, Delaware, Order of Isshin-Ryu,
Date : Jul-21-2005 - East Coast Dojos : n/a
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Link: Liquid Physique Self-Defense [Detail]
Practical & Effective Self-Defense for Anyone, Regardless of Gender, Age, or Fitness Level. Explores What Constitutes An Effective Self-Defense System & How to Construct One that is Tailor Made for You. Practical & Effective Self-Defense E-Book Available
Date : Jun-06-2005 - Liquid Physique Self-Defense : n/a

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