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Link: ... and several butcher's aprons. [Detail] premium!
Politics. Satire. Music. Leaning Largely to the Left. Comic commentary on politics and daily life from a progressive's point of view.
Date : Aug-28-2012 - ... and several butcher's aprons. : n/a
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Link: Big Malum [Detail] premium!
The Big Apple Cartoon offers free online greeting cards for any occasion. Big Malum is a funny and cute cartoon to symbolize New York and all New Yorkers.
Date : Feb-08-2012 - Big Malum : n/a
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Link: Clean Jokes [Detail] premium!
Lot's of really funny short clean jokes sorted into 21 different categories.
Date : Jan-16-2012 - Clean Jokes : n/a
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Link: Really Funny Jokes [Detail] premium!
Short Jokes is packed with over 10000 (yes Ten Thousand!) of the funniest short jokes on the internet.
Date : Dec-09-2011 - Really Funny Jokes : n/a
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Link: Fun Facts [Detail] premium!
Lot's of fun, funny, weird, useless random facts and trivia about hundreds of interesting topics including countries, cities, landmarks, famous people and so much more.
Date : Dec-08-2011 - Fun Facts : n/a
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Link: Chat Quizz [Detail] premium!
Rencontre Facile Rapide Gratuit Sympa sans inscription! La plus grande communauté et chat quizz en France!
Date : Sep-10-2010 - Chat Quizz : n/a
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Link: Chamber Theory ~Your Locked Up Thoughts~ [Detail] premium!
This is not just a forum. At Chamber Theory ~Your Locked Up Thoughts~ you will find an Arcade, Blogs, Daily Horoscopes, MP3 Player, Dating Profile, Chat Rooms, and a Instant Messenger, and a calender to post your upcoming events. With topics ranging from Truckers, Computers, Jokes, Adult stuff, Animals, and just general chats. Please check us out.
Date : Oct-21-2008 - Chamber Theory ~Your Locked Up Thoughts~ : n/a
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Link: Vidéo gag [Detail] premium!
If you want to see funny videos then you are at the right place. Here are the best videos to pass a good moment
Date : Mar-12-2007 - Vidéo gag : n/a
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Link: Free Funny Jokes Online [Detail] premium!
A collection of 1000+ free funny jokes online in 25 categories. Different jokes are featured daily and weekly, as well as the newest and random jokes on the home page. Users can also submit new jokes.
Date : Jun-16-2006 - Free Funny Jokes Online : n/a
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Link: Interesting Facts [Detail] premium! offers cool random facts from its collection of 1363 interesting facts. Random facts display on the site, or amusing facts can be optionally be emailed to visitors on request.
Date : May-25-2006 - Interesting Facts : n/a
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Link: Pick up lines [Detail]
The best and newest pick up lines on the Internet, funniest, cheesiest, nerdiest good ones and many mach more batter. Master these pick up lines with us.
Date : Apr-10-2015 - Pick up lines : n/a
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Link: Help Desk Humor [Detail]
Funny tech support stories, helpdesk jokes, links, help-desk pictures and videos. It is accumulated a lot of tech-support and IT-helpdesk related jokes over the years, both from our own experience and from other sources. This blog is just a place to share them and post the new ones.
Date : Mar-30-2011 - Help Desk Humor : n/a
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Link: Hotels in Lake Placid [Detail]
Hotels in Lake Placid are the right choice for many active families. With off-season rates and golf and ski packages, these are affordable choices provide perfect vacations that hold everyone's interest. For reservations call 518 523-9268.
Date : Mar-06-2011 - Hotels in Lake Placid : n/a
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Link: Hilarious Chats and Famous Quotes [Detail]
v-r-Logrs is a chat/quote (i.e., logs) repository. v-r-Logrs looks to offer a visually appealing interface for users to enjoy the thousands of user-submitted chats and quotes in our database. Ratings allow users to rate each and every log while sharing their favourites with friends and family through Facebook, Twitter, and other sharing websites.
Date : Feb-19-2011 - Hilarious Chats and Famous Quotes : n/a
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Link: Just Thoughts [Detail]
This is a blog which just as the tiltle suggests is a compilation of my thoughts and perception.
Date : Jan-17-2011 - Just Thoughts : n/a
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Link: Buttered Beetle Bugs [Detail]
Fun Spirited, child at heart inspired writing by Laura Silverstein. Childrens poetry book, fun for all ages. I wrote this book with my daughters Madisynn, Reva, and Carrie ten years ago and we still enjoy reading it to my twins Andi and Asher now.
Date : Jan-08-2011 - Buttered Beetle Bugs : n/a
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Link: Ron'z Society [Detail]
Your One Stop Personal Food Trip and Humor Blog for the Ultimate Pinoy Jokes, Pinoy Sarcasm, Every Day Jokes and Humor Quotes. and everything else comes next.
Date : Jan-06-2011 - Ron'z Society : n/a
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Link: Suggestion Fail [Detail]
A collection of hilarious images showcasing just how badly automated search suggestions can screw it up. What worries us the most is "Who on earth searched for that", closely followed by "And Why are there 17 million results"?
Date : Apr-04-2010 - Suggestion Fail : n/a
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Link: Super Cool Gadgets [Detail]
Super Cool Gadgets, Your guide to the Latest, Greatest & Most Exciting Gadgets
Date : Mar-31-2010 - Super Cool Gadgets : n/a
site detail
Link: Looking for the ultimate drinking site? [Detail] is a site all about booze, it's regularly reviewed by the dev team to ensure the best possible visit Come on in and have a pint!
Date : Feb-23-2009 - Looking for the ultimate drinking site? : n/a
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Link: Halloween Fun and Games [Detail]
WELCOME! To the best website online for Halloween fun and games. Here you will find everything you need to do with Halloween – get ready for a fun – SPOOKY time
Date : Sep-13-2008 - Halloween Fun and Games : n/a
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Link: Stuff In Life [Detail]
Anything and everything from the latest celebrity gossip, to finding cheaper gas prices, to reverse phone number lookups, to a blast from the past in the 80's!
Date : Jul-02-2008 - Stuff In Life : n/a
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Link: Funny Email For Everyone, Even If You Dont Type [Detail]
Even if you're not a keyboard whiz, you can send funny email messages to your friends by using my free templates. Can you type an X? Then you are well on your way to mastering my system.
Date : Jun-14-2008 - Funny Email For Everyone, Even If You Dont Type : n/a
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Link: Funniez - The Home Of Funniez [Detail]
Offbeat news, technology and industry news, futuristic news, funny pictures, videos, commercials, wallpapers...
Date : Nov-15-2007 - Funniez - The Home Of Funniez : n/a
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Link: Yo Momma Jokes and more [Detail]
A big collection of some 1000 funny jokes in more then 100 categories like for example yo momma jokes, redneck jokes blonde jokes and more.
Date : Oct-28-2007 - Yo Momma Jokes and more : n/a
site detail
Link: Aguidobogue - as notícias mais absurdas do mundo [Detail]
Reunimos aqui um acervo das notícias mais cabeludas que já passaram pela web. Parece mentira - e que sabe seja...Torne-se um editor e colabora com as suas notícias
Date : Oct-18-2007 - Aguidobogue - as notícias mais absurdas do mundo : n/a
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Link: First-Ward | Funny Videos [Detail]
Funny videos and clips updated daily. Funniest pictures and flash games to play. Funny comics and jokes with fresh media.
Date : Oct-05-2007 - First-Ward | Funny Videos : n/a
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Link: Love sms Funny sms Birthday sms Friendship sms [Detail]
Here you will find cool collection of Love sms Funny sms Urdu sms Hindi sms Birthday sms Friendship sms Islamic sms Eid Mubarak Independence day Greetings Good morning Goodnight rude Flirt naughty sms jokes, kiss smile wise miss you and good luck best wishes sms. We also have largest collection of wedding, mother's day happy new year and father's
Date : Oct-02-2007 - Love sms Funny sms Birthday sms Friendship sms : n/a
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Link: Pickup Lines Galore [Detail]
A massive collection of the best pickup lines on the web. Everything ranging from cheesy lines to computer geek lines to crude, suggestive lines. There's a lot of hilarious material here!
Date : Aug-29-2007 - Pickup Lines Galore : n/a
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Link: Funzooz - Funny Pictures, Humor Videos, and Flash [Detail]
Welcome to Funzooz we have all the Funny Videos, Funny Pictures ,Hot Babes, Celeb Pics & Games stuffed all in one place. We also have thousands of Pics and Vids for you! New funny videos and pictures are added daily
Date : Aug-22-2007 - Funzooz - Funny Pictures, Humor Videos, and Flash : n/a

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