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Link: Beverly Hills Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery [Detail]
Latest Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Procedures performed by world renowned Beverly Hills Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Francis Palmer Director Facial Plastic Surgery at a major Los Angeles medical school, Medical Director for the Beverly Hills Int'l Center for Aesthetic Surgery who has been featured on numerous TV shows and magazines.
Date : Jan-30-2006 - Beverly Hills Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery : n/a
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Link: hairtransplant & cosmetics [Detail]
FUE Hairtransplant and cosmetic treatments fully performed by physicians at affordable prices
Date : Jan-29-2006 - hairtransplant & cosmetics : n/a
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Link: Tummy Tuck Information Resource [Detail]
Tummy tuck information resource, learn about the procedure, costs and recovery. Plus find surgeons in your area now!
Date : Jan-25-2006 - Tummy Tuck Information Resource : n/a
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Link: Beauty in Prague [Detail]
Cosmetic surgery abroad in Prague, Czech Republic. Free consultation on facial plastic surgery, tummy tuck, liposuction, face lift, eye bag removal, breast augmentation and reduction. Plastic surgeons registered in UK. Affordable cosmetic dentistry.
Date : Jan-14-2006 - Beauty in Prague : n/a
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Link: Ileostomy Surgery Information - Diet - BCIR [Detail]
Individuals who have undergone surgery that requires the use of an external appliance (bag) should know that they have options.
Date : Jan-12-2006 - Ileostomy Surgery Information - Diet - BCIR : n/a
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Link: Laser eye surgery help [Detail]
Information on laser eye surgery and LASIK laser eye surgery, including facts, options, results, risks and complications, plus news and related articles.
Date : Jan-09-2006 - Laser eye surgery help : n/a
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Link: Dr. William Riley, Plastic Surgeon [Detail]
Dr. Wlliam Riley, of Signature Plastic Surgery, provides cosmetic surgery treatments to patients in Houston, Texas and surrounding areas.
Date : Dec-27-2005 - Dr. William Riley, Plastic Surgeon : n/a
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Link: Get the Real Facts on Tummy Tuck Surgery [Detail]
Everything you need to know before you opt for that tummy tuck. The pro's and con's on cost's, recovery time, etc...
Date : Dec-26-2005 - Get the Real Facts on Tummy Tuck Surgery : n/a
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Link: Lasik Eye Surgery Information [Detail]
Provides information on Lasik eye surgery, including LASIK Cost, LASIK Eye Surgery, LASIK Eye Surgery Canada, LASIK Eye surgery Price, LASIK Eye Surgery Risks, LASIK MD, LASIK Plus, LASIK Surgery and LASIK Vision Institute.
Date : Dec-11-2005 - Lasik Eye Surgery Information : n/a
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Link: San Diego plastic surgeon [Detail]
San Diego cosmetic surgeon, Dr William Flynn, performs breast augmentation, breast implants, face lift, liposuction, tummy tuck, breast lift, eyelid surgery and other plastic surgery procedures. Dr. Flynn is an experienced cosmetic surgeon serving the San Diego metro area.
Date : Dec-09-2005 - San Diego plastic surgeon : n/a
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Link: Dawn Moore Podiatrist/Chiropodist & Refelxologist [Detail]
Podiatry/Chiropody & Reflexology in Beckenham, Kent, close to the SE London border. On-site parking for several cars, close to all public transport links. Ground floor surgery and no stairs to negotiate. Health Professions Council Registered Podiatrist/Chiropodist.
Date : Dec-08-2005 - Dawn Moore Podiatrist/Chiropodist & Refelxologist : n/a
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Link: Breast Implants Surgery [Detail]
Vital information on breast implants surgery, a procedure at the forefront of cosmetic plastic surgery.
Date : Dec-05-2005 - Breast Implants Surgery : n/a
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Link: help with my cosmetic surgery [Detail]
help a ladys dream come true, about me, pics, bloggs, leave a post contact me if you can help
Date : Dec-04-2005 - help with my cosmetic surgery : n/a
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Link: Dr. Ted Eisenberg, Philadelphia Breast Surgeon [Detail]
Dr. Ted Eisenberg is a plastic surgeon specializing in breast augmentation surgery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He serves clients throughout the Eastern United States.
Date : Dec-01-2005 - Dr. Ted Eisenberg, Philadelphia Breast Surgeon : n/a
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Link: Rapid Recovery Services India, world class medical [Detail]
Rapid Recovery Services provides world class medical solutions at cost effective rates.
Date : Dec-01-2005 - Rapid Recovery Services India, world class medical : n/a
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Link: Hair Restoration Surgery for Men & Women [Detail]
Modern hair restoration surgery involves the use of single hair, micro and mini grafts and follicular transplants. Both men and women can be suitable candidates for hair restoratsurgery.
Date : Nov-30-2005 - Hair Restoration Surgery for Men & Women : n/a
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Link: Newport Beach Breast Augmentation [Detail]
Orange County breast augmentation by board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Douglas Hendricks in Newport Beach CA. Meticulous attention to detail and pursuit of perfection for each breast augmentation patient.
Date : Nov-10-2005 - Newport Beach Breast Augmentation : n/a
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Link: Tait Eye – Greater Detroit LASIK Surgery [Detail]
Dr. Stephen Tait is an experienced LASIK surgeon offering affordable laser vision correction to patients in the greater Detroit, Michigan area.
Date : Nov-08-2005 - Tait Eye – Greater Detroit LASIK Surgery : n/a
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Link: Hair Restoration Surgery Information [Detail]
A great resource for hair restoration surgery advice. Get in-depth information on the latest hair restoration surgery procedures, pre-surgery precautions, and post-surgery care.
Date : Nov-04-2005 - Hair Restoration Surgery Information : n/a
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Link: Rhinoplasty Surgeon [Detail]
Plastic surgeons in new jersey for plastic surgery procedures such as breast augmentation, liposuction, rhinoplasty, and more.
Date : Oct-26-2005 - Rhinoplasty Surgeon : n/a
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Link: ORIMtec Surgical Monitoring [Detail]
ORIMtec is the industry leader in providing Intraoperative Neurophysiological Monitoring IONM, a cutting-edge, biomedical service that reduces the risk of injury to the nervous system during head, neck and back surgeries.
Date : Oct-24-2005 - ORIMtec Surgical Monitoring : n/a
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Link: Estetik Cerrahi Rehberi [Detail]
Estetik cerrahi (burun,göğüs,popo,karın germe,yüz gençleştirme), cerrahi migren tedavisi, liposuction, botox gibi konulada merak ettiklerinizin cevaplandığı site.
Date : Oct-18-2005 - Estetik Cerrahi Rehberi : n/a
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Link: Health Care Fees [Detail]
Health Care and Surgery Prices. Free estimates on the cost of surgery and medical fees.
Date : Oct-09-2005 - Health Care Fees : n/a
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Link: Dr. Adrian Lo, East Coast Plastic Surgery [Detail]
Dr. Lo is an East Coast plastic surgeon with offices in Philadelphia, PA and Voorhees, New Jersey. He also provides cosmetic surgery procedures to patients in Delaware.
Date : Oct-04-2005 - Dr. Adrian Lo, East Coast Plastic Surgery : n/a
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Link: Aesthetic Cosmetic Plastic Surgery of Toronto [Detail]
Board certified plastic surgeon offers information on a wide range of cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. Includes a cosmetic surgery library and photo galleries.
Date : Sep-29-2005 - Aesthetic Cosmetic Plastic Surgery of Toronto : n/a
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Link: Liposuction in Dallas, Texas - Dr. Rai [Detail]
Dr. Rai provides liposuction in Dallas, Texas. Dr. Rai provides traditional, tumescent, and ultrasonic liposuction.
Date : Sep-19-2005 - Liposuction in Dallas, Texas - Dr. Rai : n/a
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Link: Restora, Austin Plastic Surgery [Detail]
Restora is an affordable way for men and women to enghance their appearance with cosmetic surgery. We serve patients in Austin, Texas and surrounding areas. Visit us to discuss financing or ask about a free consultation.
Date : Aug-22-2005 - Restora, Austin Plastic Surgery : n/a
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Link: Laser Eye Surgery [Detail]
The complete guide to Laser Eye Surgery. An explanation of how the Lasik procedure is carried out. Also find a surgeon in your area now and arrange a consultation.
Date : Aug-20-2005 - Laser Eye Surgery : n/a
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Link: Aesthetic Science Institute [Detail]
Our physicians bring to their patients the latest scientific advances in cosmetic surgery, age management, hormone replacement, weight control and skin and body rejuvenation. We are located in Boca Raton, Florida and serve an international clientele.
Date : Aug-18-2005 - Aesthetic Science Institute : n/a
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Link: Institute of LASIK Surgery, Los Angeles [Detail]
The Los Angeles Home of Superior LASIK with doctor Khanna, offering refractive eye surgeries, such as: CK, PRK, SUPERLASIK/ EPI LASIK, Phakic IOL, Blended Vision/Monovision, and Cataracts care.
Date : Aug-06-2005 - Institute of LASIK Surgery, Los Angeles : n/a

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