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Link: Electric Lift Chairs from Pride & Golden [Detail]
4 Lift Chairs distributes Pride Mobility and Golden Technology products directly to your home anywhere in the continental USA. As one of the largest Internet dealers we are committed to providing quality products, discount prices, and free shipping on every order. What makes us different from our competition is our excellent customer service.
Date : Sep-08-2006 - Electric Lift Chairs from Pride & Golden : n/a
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Link: Healthy Holistic Living [Detail]
This site reflects upon my experience living with a chronic illness and my personal transformation. I share the tools and techniques I used to gain spiritual, physical and mental holistic health. The site includes tips on building a healthy home, developing a healthy living strategy, alternative medicine, how to manage a chronic illness, how
Date : Aug-24-2006 - Healthy Holistic Living : n/a
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Link: The Under Represented [Detail]
TheUnderRepresented - a grassroots political website empowering the disability community.
Date : Jul-26-2006 - The Under Represented : n/a
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Link: Phillip Katz DDS :: Columbus Dentist Ohio, Dental [Detail]
Dr Katz is a general dentist perfoming cosmetics, sedation, bleaching, throughout the Columbus, Ohio and surrounding areas
Date : Jul-22-2006 - Phillip Katz DDS :: Columbus Dentist Ohio, Dental : n/a
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Link: Portable Wheel Chair Ramp [Detail]
empowering disabled persons - articles focused on helping disabled persons lead a more active life. Get information on wheelchair ramps, lifts and walk in tubs
Date : Jul-03-2006 - Portable Wheel Chair Ramp : n/a
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Link: Autism Treatment Tips For Children [Detail]
Autism Treatment Tips for Children with Autism, PDD & Aspergers Syndrome. Parents share their experience.
Date : Jul-01-2006 - Autism Treatment Tips For Children : n/a
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Link: About Down Syndrome [Detail]
Comprehensive information about Down Syndrome for new parents, expecting parents, friends, relatives or anyone looking for info. Our aim is to deliver this information to you in a personal, easy to read manner. Intertwined throughout the site is the story of our own experience. Lots of pictures included.
Date : Jun-13-2006 - About Down Syndrome : n/a
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Link: Multi-Purpose Urinal [Detail]
The multi-purpose urinal for men and women. This unique portable invention is compact and convenient to use wherever you go. Safer to use than public toilets, woman can do it standing up! Ideal for pregnant women, public places, disabled people, etc. Affordable and easy to clean!
Date : Jun-08-2006 - Multi-Purpose Urinal : n/a
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Link: Contact Lenses [Detail]
A site offering free advice and information about purchasing all the different types of contact lenses available. Visitors will learn how to choose a suitable set of lenses. In addition, free expert vision advice is offered.
Date : Jun-03-2006 - Contact Lenses : n/a
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Link: Kidney Stones Removal, Kidney Infection Symptoms, [Detail]
The KidneyStoneBlog provides information about Causes of Kidney Stones, Types and Symptoms of Kidney Stones, Kidney Stones and Diet, Therapies for Kidney Stone Treatment, Damages of having kidney stones,Prevent Forming New Kidney Stones
Date : Jun-02-2006 - Kidney Stones Removal, Kidney Infection Symptoms, : n/a
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Link: Electric Wheelchair Information [Detail]
We have helped people all over the USA improve their mobility and begin new lives. Information about obtaining an electric wheelchair from one of the top providers - Orbit Medical.
Date : May-26-2006 - Electric Wheelchair Information : n/a
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Link: Independence Showers - Specialist Access Bathing [Detail]
Disabled accessible shower cubicles with shower seats, providing specialist disability / mobility easy access and independent living bathing / showering solution alternatives to a walk in bath, bath lift, wet room or walk in shower tray.
Date : May-15-2006 - Independence Showers - Specialist Access Bathing : n/a
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Link: Rollators, Triwalkers, Walking Sticks and Frames. [Detail]
Long established UK suppliers of discounted mobility walking aids, including the rollator, triwalker, and many many more.
Date : Apr-28-2006 - Rollators, Triwalkers, Walking Sticks and Frames. : n/a
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Link: Mobility Ramps [Detail]
Long established UK Suppliers of discount mobility ramps for scooters, powerchairs and wheelchairs.
Date : Apr-28-2006 - Mobility Ramps : n/a
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Link: Capes Canopies and Bags for Mobility Scooters [Detail]
Long established UK suppliers of discounted mobility scooter capes, canopies and covers. Make sure your scooter is protected today.
Date : Apr-28-2006 - Capes Canopies and Bags for Mobility Scooters : n/a
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Link: Fair Housing Act Disability Consultant [Detail]
Experienced, professional disability consultant providing disability consulting services and diversity training services for businesses throughout the United States.
Date : Apr-20-2006 - Fair Housing Act Disability Consultant : n/a
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Link: ASSGO - AS Support Group Online [Detail]
A site for people with Aspergers Syndrome. We help each other to live fairer more forfilling lives. Well we try to be as good a support as we can it's not always possible with the limited resouces and the way society is.
Date : Mar-21-2006 - ASSGO - AS Support Group Online : n/a
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Link: Free Low-Carb and Sugar-Free recipes [Detail]
We established our low-carb and sugar-free bakery recipes in August 2003. Our recipes give you a way to bake home made low carb and sugar free without the low carb taste of over processed boxed mixes.
Date : Mar-07-2006 - Free Low-Carb and Sugar-Free recipes : n/a
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Link: [Detail]
Resources and articles on wheelchairs, scooters, accessories, wheel chair sports, disabled travel, and assistive technology to enhance the lives of individuals of all ages who need mobility assistance.
Date : Mar-06-2006 - : n/a
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Link: Hereward Care Services Ltd [Detail]
Residential care home for people with a learning disability in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, UK.
Date : Mar-06-2006 - Hereward Care Services Ltd : n/a
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Link: Wheelchair Ramps by LiteRamp [Detail]
LiteRamp is a brand of highly portable wheelchair ramps and scooter ramps manufactured and marketed by Nova Health Products.
Date : Mar-02-2006 - Wheelchair Ramps by LiteRamp : n/a
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Link: Adapted Playthings [Detail]
Adapted Playthings is the online alternative to outrageous therapy catalog prices for swicth adapted toys. We adapt off-the-shelf toys to be used with special needs switches. We also create a variety of adapted switches and switch accessories for our toys.
Date : Feb-25-2006 - Adapted Playthings : n/a
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Link: Stop Snoring [Detail]
Tips and tricks on how to stop snoring and more information on snoring in our free 5 day email course coving the many proven methods to eliminate snoring.
Date : Feb-24-2006 - Stop Snoring : n/a
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Link: natural Health [Detail]
gentle treatment for stress, back ache etc and easy step for step ideas to maintain a balanced life style with simple daily exercises and bodybalance nourishment which strengthens not just the body but more importantly our selfs.
Date : Feb-22-2006 - natural Health : n/a
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Link: Medical Alarm [Detail]
Information on medical alarm and medical alert systems and devices for senior care and chronic patients.
Date : Feb-21-2006 - Medical Alarm : n/a
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Link: MealCall - Meals on Wheels USA and Canada [Detail]
MealCall assists consumers to find non-profit meal centers in the USA and Canada for people over age 62 and assists local meal charities in raising money and volunteers. Only non-profit organizations are listed, but may include churches, community organizations, or state run services. If the consumer cannot find a program online, we will find one.
Date : Feb-12-2006 - MealCall - Meals on Wheels USA and Canada : n/a
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Link: Axistive - World's Leading Assistive Technology [Detail]
Axistive - World's Leading Assistive Technology Portal. Learn all about computer technologies for people with a disability.
Date : Feb-11-2006 - Axistive - World's Leading Assistive Technology : n/a
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Link: Guide To Wheelchair Lifts [Detail]
Tips for finding wheelchair lifts, including lift technologies and reviews of top manufacturers like Ricon, Braun and Ascension
Date : Feb-06-2006 - Guide To Wheelchair Lifts : n/a
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Link: Social Security [Detail]
The bare essentials of Social Security Retirement, Disability, SSI, Survivor benefits and Medicare. Without all the jargon.
Date : Jan-28-2006 - Social Security : n/a
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Link: Handicap Accessibility Products & Rehabilitation [Detail]
Handicap accessibility, disability, and rehabilitation products. Thousands of items and accessories including products from Sammons Preston, handicap showers and wheelchair porch lifts.
Date : Jan-20-2006 - Handicap Accessibility Products & Rehabilitation : n/a

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