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Link: Head Lice Treatment [Detail]
100% Natural treatment for head lice removal,cure for your family,get rid of lice, with or lice shampoo,lice cream,lice oil and comb kit.treat lice with information about treatment for head lice,do it at home lice treatment for kids and family.
Date : Jun-07-2010 - Head Lice Treatment : n/a
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Link: Medicinal herbs for a healthy living [Detail]
Medicinal herbs have been used for centuries both as foods and medicine. Hippocrates objected to drugs in any form imploring apprentice physicians to treat all diseases with herbs. Today, I believe we would have less sick people in the world if they were using medicinal herbs. Let us go back to the basic of life for a healthy living.
Date : May-22-2010 - Medicinal herbs for a healthy living : n/a
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Link: My Health Tea [Detail]
Learn about the health benefits and cures of tea, herbal tea and tea tree oil. Watch tea videos, learn recipes and find out about all it's cures and uses for remedies, even about tea for cleansing.
Date : May-03-2010 - My Health Tea : n/a
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Link: Joint Pain Solutions [Detail]
Information and treatment recommendations for common joint conditions including arthrits symptoms, lower back pain, knee, shoulder, and hip joint pain.
Date : Apr-11-2010 - Joint Pain Solutions : n/a
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Link: Curing Yeast Infections [Detail]
Here and now, you're going to discover the miraculous yeast infection cures that have the taken the internet by storm. Each approaches the problem from a different angle, and will work wonders to put you well along the path to a yeast infection free life!
Date : Feb-10-2010 - Curing Yeast Infections : n/a
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Link: Much Kneaded Medical Massage Therapy of NYC [Detail]
Natural pain relief for Every Body! At Much Kneaded the focus in on outcomembased in medical massage therapy combined with an anti-inflammatory nutritional plan for pain relief. Call today for a 15 minute consultation. You don't have to live with chronic pain.
Date : Oct-07-2009 - Much Kneaded Medical Massage Therapy of NYC : n/a
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Link: Gifted Touch Massage Therapy & Bodywork [Detail]
Visit the Gifted Touch website to find out why Krissy Moses is one of the best Massage and Craniosacral Therapist in the Orlando area. Sign up for treatment specials and current health news.
Date : Jul-27-2009 - Gifted Touch Massage Therapy & Bodywork : n/a
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Link: Heart Surgery Center [Detail]
The California Center for Cardiothoracic Surgery was established in 1987 to deliver surgical treatment of heart disease, lung, and vascular problems.
Date : Jun-15-2009 - Heart Surgery Center : n/a
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Link: Chlamydia Online Tests & Treatments [Detail]
Home Tests and treatments for Chlamydia. Private and discreet online service for sexually transmitted infections diseases. Chlamydia is the most common STIs/STDs in Europe. Part of the reason for this it that they can both be contracted without showing any outwards symptoms. If you wish to make sure that you have not contracted either of these sex
Date : Mar-03-2009 - Chlamydia Online Tests & Treatments : n/a
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Link: The basics on eczema and simple eczema remedies [Detail]
An outline of what eczema is, which covers some of the different types of eczema, and also what can be done about them. Also included is sources for understanding and treating eczema.
Date : Dec-03-2008 - The basics on eczema and simple eczema remedies : n/a
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Link: Waiting for a lung transplant [Detail]
My name is Helen Miller , I am 38 years old married to John and mother of 2 to Abbie and Daniel. In 2003 I was diagnosed with COPD and am now on the waiting list at Freemans hospital waiting for a double lung transplant. This web site has been created to tell you about my life , my fears, my dreams, my ambitions, my stories, my photos and career as
Date : Aug-18-2008 - Waiting for a lung transplant : n/a
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Link: - [Detail] has been created to help those who suffer from any type of Eating Disorder. Providing information about Anorexia, Bulimia, Compulsive Exercise, Compulsive Over-Eating, Binge-Eating and Obesity. We are a community that desires support from one another without unhealthy encouragment.
Date : Aug-11-2008 - - : n/a
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Link: Leukemia Information and stories [Detail]
Types of leukemia, symptoms of the disease, leukemia stories, support groups, leukemia charities and other ways you can help are among the many topics of
Date : Aug-09-2008 - Leukemia Information and stories : n/a
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Link: Diabetes and Related Health Issues [Detail]
This site caters to the diabetic individual and offers informative articles, testing meters, and recipes. All aspects of diabetes are covered. There is an opt-in ezine for visitors to stay informed.
Date : Jul-28-2008 - Diabetes and Related Health Issues : n/a
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Link: Headache [Detail]
Professional site on migraine headache symptoms, types of headaches and management. Run by a headache specialist in neurology.
Date : Jun-04-2008 - Headache : n/a
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Link: Back pain- myths and facts [Detail]
Back pain myths could come in your way and facts could ease out the treatment process.
Date : Feb-11-2008 - Back pain- myths and facts : n/a
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Link: All about hemorrhoids and hemorrhoids treatment - [Detail]
Provides researched comprehensive information about hemorrhoids and hemorrhoids treatment options.
Date : Feb-03-2008 - All about hemorrhoids and hemorrhoids treatment - : n/a
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Link: Mesothelioma Treatment, Mesothelioma Diagnosis. [Detail]
Mesothelioma Treatment Guide is specially designed to gather information on Mesothelioma Treatment, Mesothelioma Diagnosis, Available mesothelioma treatment centers worldwide, mesothelioma Types and remedies
Date : Jan-29-2008 - Mesothelioma Treatment, Mesothelioma Diagnosis. : n/a
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Link: Dog Breeders [Detail]
Dog Breeder should be the safest place to get a new dog or puppy. It gives you the almost complete information about your interested breed dog. Finding the perfect dog breeder has also never been easier.
Date : Jan-24-2008 - Dog Breeders : n/a
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Link: NutraSilver kills pathogens in the body [Detail]
Amazing natural mineral that sweeps pathogens from the body, food and water very quickly and with zero toxicity
Date : Dec-28-2007 - NutraSilver kills pathogens in the body : n/a
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Link: Fight Leukemia [Detail]
Want to make a difference? Join me in the fight against Leukemia. If you need a speaker love is the answer. There are many services that I provide to all. Please visit the website for special deals and to learn a little bit more about me!
Date : Dec-24-2007 - Fight Leukemia : n/a
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Link: Diabetic Diet [Detail]
Diet presents information on 3 day diet, atkins diet, cabbage soup diet, diabetic diet, diet Pills, diet plans, phentermine diet pill, south beach diet, zone diet, fixed-menu diet, formula diet, weight-loss diets, diet programs, nutritional diet.
Date : Dec-20-2007 - Diabetic Diet : n/a
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Link: Transfer Factors And The Immune System [Detail]
The site provides information about human immune system and transfer factors. There are over 3,000 published papers and 50 years of research on transfer factors. The site also offers articles about clinical studies done with these products.
Date : Dec-12-2007 - Transfer Factors And The Immune System : n/a
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Link: Natural Herbal Products/Health [Detail]
Marketing Natural Herbal Products that are approved for the relief &/or treatment of many disease & conditions as well as products for improving health & wellbeing .
Date : Dec-04-2007 - Natural Herbal Products/Health : n/a
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Link: Migraine Headache Treatments [Detail]
Conquer migraines without sacrificing your health. Discover how to prevent and relieve migraines and headaches naturally. Do natural remedies really work? Discover how a group of migraine sufferers conquered migraines permanently without the use of medications or drugs.
Date : Nov-27-2007 - Migraine Headache Treatments : n/a
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Link: Latest Acne Treatment Information and Homemade Acn [Detail]
Provides comprehensive information about the latest acne treatment,product surveys and homemade do-it-yourself acne treatments.
Date : Nov-25-2007 - Latest Acne Treatment Information and Homemade Acn : n/a
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Link: Magnetic Therapy [Detail]
Pocket sized Magnetic Therapy Device provides not only pain relief, but can treat more than 60 different health problems with a long term healing effect. Regenerate and rejuvenate every bone and cell in your body for a new you!
Date : Nov-15-2007 - Magnetic Therapy : n/a
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Link: Natural Treatment agaist Multiple Sclerosis [Detail]
Good News on Health is conformed by a staff of professionals dedicated to promote the phyto therapeutic treatments developed by the Doctor Omar Ayrad. The purpose is giving a possibility of recovery to people who suffer multiple sclerosis.
Date : Nov-13-2007 - Natural Treatment agaist Multiple Sclerosis : n/a
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Link: My Homemade Remedies [Detail]
Are you tired of pay for Over priced prescription medication. Our site took the pain away from that by providing you with the most powerful homemade and natural alternatives to expensive and addictive prescription medication.
Date : Nov-12-2007 - My Homemade Remedies : n/a
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Link: Hair Loss Treatments [Detail]
"Title" | is solely dedicated to the practice of hair restoration surgery exclusively both for men and women. For more details about "Keyphrase", please log on to
Date : Nov-10-2007 - Hair Loss Treatments : n/a

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