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Link: Drink/Link Health Store [Detail]
Moderate drinking programs and products to reduce alcohol consumption and prevent alcoholism.
Date : Jun-20-2008 - Drink/Link Health Store : n/a
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Link: Control Addictions .com [Detail]
Find addiction treatment and counseling resources online at
Date : Jun-07-2008 - Control Addictions .com : n/a
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Link: Addiction Recovery Life Coach [Detail]
Coaching individuals who are clean and sober from their drug and/or alcohol addiction and wish to work out the stuff that keeps getting in their way of being fully engaged and in love with their life! Cheryl is an international life coach and speaker, she offers private , and group sessions, via conferencing calls, and in-person.
Date : Feb-03-2008 - Addiction Recovery Life Coach : n/a
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Link: Alcolism Addiction Treatment [Detail]
Deep inside the addicted person, the Self is craving emotional connection with others. Addicts are afraid of ending up alone. In their desperation, they may show a childlike quality: they attempt to connect with others by clinging to family or friends and often become very upset if it appears that people are withdrawing from them.
Date : Jan-30-2008 - Alcolism Addiction Treatment : n/a
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Link: - you are not alone! [Detail] is a recovery community for Alcoholics, Addicts and their supportive family/friends. Create profiles & share photos! Communicate through forums, blogs, chat rooms, messages, comments and more! Site Features: - Nationwide Meeting Directory (AA, NA, Al-Anon) - Online Speaker Meetings - Profiles - Blogs, Forums, Chat Rooms
Date : Jan-29-2008 - - you are not alone! : n/a
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Link: The risks of smoking cigars just as dangerous, or more [Detail] Adult Content
The EasyQuit System is so incredibly effective becasue it not only teaches you how you can quit smoking, it actually stops you ever wanting to smoke. It turns off your desire to smoke cigarettes! It isn't aversion therapy or hypnotism or 'Neuro-Linguistic Programming'. It is just a series of truths about the psychology of smoking that explain wh
Date : Jan-23-2008 - The risks of smoking cigars just as dangerous, or more : n/a
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Link: Facts on Cocaine Detoxification- The Key to Rehab [Detail]
Stop the Hurting, Take Action Now. Find out what you need to know. Get the vital data you need on the Abuse of Cocaine, its impact on the individual, family and society, plus all the critical information on rehabilitation.
Date : Jan-06-2008 - Facts on Cocaine Detoxification- The Key to Rehab : n/a
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Link: Drug treatment programs in south Carolina [Detail]
Recovery Concepts llc is an addiction treatment center, offering alcohol and drug treatment programs in South Carolina. These programs are designed to help people to recover from drug addiction, opiate addiction, vicodin addiction, and etc.
Date : Dec-06-2007 - Drug treatment programs in south Carolina : n/a
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Link: ITV Presents Think Straight [Detail]
All-natural supplement designed to improve memory, focus, and concentration. Dose is 2 per day.
Date : Nov-16-2007 - ITV Presents Think Straight : n/a
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Link: Life after quitting smoking [Detail]
Quitting smoking can help you to stay away from diseases like cancer and asthma.
Date : Nov-13-2007 - Life after quitting smoking : n/a
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Link: Recovery & Support [Detail]
Web forum for those with addiction and mental / behavioral disorders. From alcoholism to manic depression to xanax abuse. Very warm atmosphere with a very cool crowd. Peer to peer support. Come check it out, do something good for yourself and meet some great people.
Date : Nov-04-2007 - Recovery & Support : n/a
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Link: Healing laser clinics [Detail]
Quit smoking in 1 hour with laser therapy. Healing Laser Clinics of Orlando, Florida provides low level laser treatments to quit smoking. You can also lose weight with our cutting edge infrared wrap.
Date : Oct-20-2007 - Healing laser clinics : n/a
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Link: Smart Liposuction [Detail]
Latest News on Smart Liposuction - Find laser liposuction clinics in your area.
Date : Oct-20-2007 - Smart Liposuction : n/a
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Link: Personal Recovery Tools Restore Sobriety and Seren [Detail] offers free treatment materials and inspiration for addictions recovery from all types of addictive behavior, including Codependency. Stress relief for sobriety and serenity. Spirituality includes prayer and meditation. Treatment facilities, services and support are suggested.
Date : Oct-14-2007 - Personal Recovery Tools Restore Sobriety and Seren : n/a
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Link: quit smoking drug [Detail]
quit smoking now, use latest quit smoking drug and get not only immediate but also long term benefits. chantix is a new quit smoking drug developed by pfizer and prepared to work.
Date : Oct-10-2007 - quit smoking drug : n/a
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Link: Medical Transcription Community [Detail]
Home for Medical Transcriptionists.Medical Transcription - medical terminology, medical transcription references, words, sample reports,new terms, drugs, community of MT's.
Date : Aug-10-2007 - Medical Transcription Community : n/a
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Link: Cord Blood Banking [Detail]
Know all about cord blood banking and the detailed information regardingthe process.
Date : Jul-31-2007 - Cord Blood Banking : n/a
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Link: Characteristics Of Addictive Behavior [Detail]
The behavior of addicted people is the most visible part of addiction and thus the easiest to focus attention on. Addictive behavior such as addictively overspending, compulsively going to pornographic bookstores, and bingeing on and purging food regularly occurs only after the development of the addictive personality.
Date : Jul-21-2007 - Characteristics Of Addictive Behavior : n/a
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Link: Your Meditation Home - How to master meditation te [Detail]
Tips, articles and free audio instruction in meditation techniques and breathing exercises
Date : Jul-06-2007 - Your Meditation Home - How to master meditation te : n/a
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Link: Drug tests [Detail]
Your reliable and cost-effective solution for quick and accurate drug tests. Maintain your privacy and save time by getting rapid answers by using our FDA approved drug tests.
Date : Jul-04-2007 - Drug tests : n/a
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Link: First FDA Cleared At Home Drug Test Cup [Detail]
At home drug test. First FDA Cleared Testing Cup. Free Lab Confirmation. Private. Discreet. Guaranteed.
Date : Jun-28-2007 - First FDA Cleared At Home Drug Test Cup : n/a
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Link: Stop Your Adultery [Detail] Adult Content
The danger of sex in an adulterous affair is part of the excitement, and can make marital sex seem like a tame alternative. Let's think about ways to make your marital coupling even more enjoyable than your extra-marital liason. You should look for innovative ways to make sex with your wife hotter, and get more from each and every sensual act with
Date : Jun-27-2007 - Stop Your Adultery : n/a
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Link: Urine drug test [Detail]
Your reliable and cost-effective solution for quick and accurate drug tests. Maintain your privacy and save time by getting rapid answers by using our FDA approved drug tests.
Date : Jun-27-2007 - Urine drug test : n/a
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Link: RiverWalk Recovery [Detail]
Medically supervised treatment for Addiction to Drugs and Alcohol out-patient treatment and detoxification in Bradenton, Florida.
Date : Jun-25-2007 - RiverWalk Recovery : n/a
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Link: Blood Pressure Control [Detail]
This Blog contains various helpful articles containing information on blood pressure, types of blood pressure, information about diet during different blood pressures and related topics.
Date : Jun-23-2007 - Blood Pressure Control : n/a
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Link: Change Your Life | The Ultimate Guide to Succesful [Detail]
Are You living or Surving? Learn the Secrets to Quickly and Completely Change Every Area of Your Life.
Date : Jun-23-2007 - Change Your Life | The Ultimate Guide to Succesful : n/a
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Link: Quit Smoking Forever, You'll Live Longer [Detail]
Site dedicated to help you stop smoking. Covering all topics from drugs, hypnosis, cold turkey, patches, and support programs.
Date : Jun-19-2007 - Quit Smoking Forever, You'll Live Longer : n/a
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Link: Certified Teen Help Organization [Detail]
We are here to help parents and professionals. We have gathered information from teen help providers through out the industry of helping teens. We provide unbiased factual information offered voluntarily from certified teen help providers which is made available to all consumers
Date : Jun-08-2007 - Certified Teen Help Organization : n/a
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Link: Home Drug Test Kits [Detail]
Drug Test Kits for Home & Office. Marijuana, cocaine, ecstacy, opiates, heroin, amphetamines tests. Pregnancy tests. Products and FAQs. Online ordering
Date : Jun-08-2007 - Home Drug Test Kits : n/a
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Link: Quit Smoking|Stop Smoking Right Now [Detail]
Quit Smoking patches no 1 Effective Herbal To Stop Smoking quit smoking patches is safe and easy to
Date : Jun-04-2007 - Quit Smoking|Stop Smoking Right Now : n/a

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