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Link: Destin Recovery Addiction Treatment Center [Detail] premium!
Destin Recovery is a Florida rehab center that offers real drug treatment to people with drug and alcohol addiction problems though the various transitional stages of recovery and moves them towards being a self-managed individual in control of their own life. Their alcohol and drug rehab center in Florida incorporates a variety of treatment progra
Date : Jul-30-2015 - Destin Recovery Addiction Treatment Center : n/a
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Link: Believe Treatment Center [Detail] premium!
We are a drug rehabilitation center in Palm Beach Gardens Florida. Our holistic approach to treatment has helped thousands of people all over the world.
Date : Apr-01-2015 - Believe Treatment Center : n/a
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Link: Alcohol Treatment Centers [Detail] premium!
Our drug treatment center is for people that are addicted and need help. You will find that our initial assessment is unique to the individual client. We give a psychiatric evaluation and metabolic treatments. Let our nutritional assessment be a guide for you. The rehabilitation center also gives life skills and art therapy.
Date : Mar-04-2015 - Alcohol Treatment Centers : n/a
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Link: A New Outlook Counseling Services, LLC [Detail] premium!
We specialize in Substance Abuse, Marriage/Family & Child Therapy as well as Mental Health Counseling with our home base location centered in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.
Date : Sep-16-2013 - A New Outlook Counseling Services, LLC : n/a
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Link: ways to stop smoking [Detail] premium!
Quit With Help offers guidance and advice on ways to stop smoking for good, with a range of options available for all types of smokers
Date : Nov-09-2012 - ways to stop smoking : n/a
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Link: fentanyl detox [Detail] premium!
Gallus Detox Arizona provides the safest and most effective fentanyl detox available. Our state of the art facility is set in a comfortable and elegant home style setting, and our patients are cardio monitored 24 hours per day by our certified doctors and nursing staff.
Date : Jun-28-2012 - fentanyl detox : n/a
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Link: Electric Cigarettes [Detail] premium!
The widest selection of electric cigarettes and Esmoking accessories on the planet, with several electronic cigarette vendors to choose from.
Date : Aug-09-2010 - Electric Cigarettes : n/a
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Link: Electronic Cigarettes Online [Detail] premium!
Genuine Joyetech 510 electronic cigarettes kit and accessories, the most popular e-cigarette on the market today.
Date : Jun-30-2010 - Electronic Cigarettes Online : n/a
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Link: Barnsley Hypnosis, Counselling and Coaching [Detail] premium!
Barnsley Clinical Hypnosis, Counselling, Coaching re: smoking, alcohol, weight, eating disorders, other addictions. Therapist Jeana Hallas has years of successful practice, supporting powerful change re: self, work, relationships, sport. She empowers adults and children to achieve positive control over their thoughts, behaviour, health, happiness.
Date : Feb-25-2010 - Barnsley Hypnosis, Counselling and Coaching : n/a
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Link: Portland Hypnosis - Hypnotherapist Geoffrey Knight [Detail] premium!
Portland Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy for quitting smoking, weight-loss, eating disorders and other harmful addictions/challenges! Hypnotherapist Geoffrey Knight offers 16 years of successful hypnosis practice and expertise to help you achieve complete authenticity, health and happiness. Free Initial Consultations to see if Hypnosis is right for you!
Date : Jan-01-2010 - Portland Hypnosis - Hypnotherapist Geoffrey Knight : n/a
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Link: Inspirational Quotes and Thoughts [Detail] premium!
Inspirational Quotes & thoughts is full of resources for people who need guidance & inspiration, to break old habits and develop new ways of thinking, break down the walls that stop you from reaching your goals and will help you on your journey of personal growth and wealth creation. Free public domain ebooks, eg Think and Grow Rich
Date : Sep-08-2009 - Inspirational Quotes and Thoughts : n/a
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Link: Drug Rehab Resource Help [Detail] premium!
We help you find a rehab or treatment center for yourself or a loved one who can't quit using drugs or alcohol. We also educate on drug abuse and addiction, to help you wih any questions you have with addiction and becoming sober and productive again. We can help!
Date : Jul-11-2007 - Drug Rehab Resource Help : Excellent!
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Link: Adolescent Drug Treatment: Echo Malibu [Detail] premium!
Teens receive treatment drug abuse and alcoholism in a setting with other recovering youths.
Date : Jan-24-2007 - Adolescent Drug Treatment: Echo Malibu : n/a
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Link: Addiction Treatment Hotline- Immediate Help [Detail] premium!
The drug and alcohol treatment hotline is a 24 hour placement service for men and women who need immediate help into a drug rehab or alcohol treatment center. Placement specialists are standing by to listen to you and to suggest the best course of action. Remember, you can't do it alone-Let us help you.
Date : Dec-05-2006 - Addiction Treatment Hotline- Immediate Help : n/a
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Link: Drug Abuse Information [Detail] premium!
Narcodex is a drug-free initiative that actively supports individuals to contribute drug related content to the informational and personal content on the website.
Date : Sep-03-2006 - Drug Abuse Information : n/a
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Link: Subliminal Message [Detail] premium!
BREAKTHROUGH - New 'Covert' Subliminal Message Tool Gives YOU The Extra *Firepower* You Need To Completely Obliterate Your Negative Subconscious Conditioning!
Date : Apr-29-2006 - Subliminal Message : Excellent!
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Link: Addiction and Mindfulness [Detail]
Clients who have used the Mindfulness Approach showed dramatic improvement in their ability to manage the underlying issues of addiction, such as stress and anxiety. Research suggests that mindfulness levels reflect higher-order metacognitive and meta-emotional processes related to executive cognitive functioning. Mindfulness practice strengthens neural networks that are important in managing stre
Date : May-19-2015 - Addiction and Mindfulness : n/a
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Link: Mother and Child Care in India [Detail]
Kokilaben Hospital in Mumbai provides comprehensive and professional treatment for pregnant women, mothers and their children. Our centre deals specialized service under skilled and qualified doctor to monitoring in pregnancy, child birth, delivery and post-delivery. Our team of surgeons, technicians and nurses uses newest surgical techniques, equipment and devices for Mother and Child Care.
Date : Dec-26-2014 - Mother and Child Care in India : n/a
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Link: Addiction Recovery Network [Detail]
Addiction Recovery Network is a drug rehab referral service that is dedicated to providing the public with the opportunity to get addiction treatment in a rehab facility that fits his/her needs.
Date : Jan-10-2013 - Addiction Recovery Network : n/a
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Link: Smokerelief-Electronic Cigarette-UK [Detail]
Smokerelief provides you electronic cigarettes that is less harm free and tobacco free. Available in six different flavors at smokerelief.
Date : Jan-31-2011 - Smokerelief-Electronic Cigarette-UK : n/a
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Link: Como dejar el Tabaco [Detail]
Información y Análisis de los distintos métodos aprobados por nuestro Sistema Publico de Salud..Sus pros y sus contras.Indicaciones y Consejos de profesionales de la medicina para tratar la adicción al tabaco
Date : Dec-18-2010 - Como dejar el Tabaco : n/a
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Link: How quit smoking in 7 days [Detail]
explains harmful effects of smoking and methods to quit and how to deal with withdrawal symptoms
Date : Oct-19-2010 - How quit smoking in 7 days : n/a
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Link: Who Else Want To Get An Electronic Cigarette Free [Detail]
The electronic cigarette has the taste, the feel, the draw of a real cigarette. It has the same nicotine that goes into cigarettes. It's delivered in water vapor, not in harmful smoke. Looks like a real cigarette. Gives you the sensation of real smoke. Electronic cigarette free trial available.
Date : Jul-19-2010 - Who Else Want To Get An Electronic Cigarette Free : n/a
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Link: Smoke Anywhere!! [Detail]
Green Smoke allows you to breathe again. It contains no carcinogens, tar, carbon monoxide or other dangerous toxins. There is nothing in it to clog and blacken your lungs. Green Smoke contains mainly water, nicotine and propylene glycol (a common additive in food coloring and cake mixes)
Date : Jun-24-2010 - Smoke Anywhere!! : n/a
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Link: Quit Tea [Detail]
Quit Tea is a herbal quit smoking aid that alleviates nicotine withdrawal symptoms, reduces cravings, suppresses appetite, and helps break the habit.
Date : May-13-2010 - Quit Tea : n/a
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Link: Blackspider Addiction Recovery Forums [Detail]
A new alcoholism and drug addiction forums for adult in recovery or seeking a recovery solution and peer support.
Date : Nov-22-2009 - Blackspider Addiction Recovery Forums : n/a
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Link: Tropical Oasis drug rehab center [Detail]
Premier drug rehab services at an affordable price. Change is just a phone call away.
Date : Jun-29-2009 - Tropical Oasis drug rehab center : n/a
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Link: Drug use Statistics in real-time [Detail]
An online, statistical database reporting the average prices and total economic cost of over 300 substances in 3,140 U.S counties. Our data is compiled by anonymous users submitting information about their use of common psychoactives such as LSD and cannabis, to chemicals like nicotine and crack/cocaine.
Date : Mar-09-2009 - Drug use Statistics in real-time : n/a
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Link: Quit Smoking with Butt-it-Out Herbal Medicines [Detail]
Webmasters, this is your chance to capitalize on the explosive sales of the only Health Canada and FDA approved, all-natural quit smoking aids. Join for free, no start up costs, no inventory, no employees, no hassle. Our Affiliate Program is an easy way for you to work with us to enhance your site by promoting our popular Butt it Out™ medicines.
Date : Jun-25-2008 - Quit Smoking with Butt-it-Out Herbal Medicines : n/a
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Link: drug treatment center drug treatment center [Detail]
Abletochangerecovery Provides orange County Alcohol Rehab and Residential features effective and affordable inpatient and outpatient addiction treatment programs for opiates, cocaine, alcohol and meth.
Date : Jun-23-2008 - drug treatment center drug treatment center : n/a

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