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Link: MMO Guides by Killerguides [Detail]
Shopping site for strategy guides covering Guild Wars, World of Warcraft, Lineage 2 and other online games. Displays customer ratings and offers a game-specific newsletter.
Date : Jul-08-2006 - MMO Guides by Killerguides : n/a
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Link: Massive Multiplayer .com - A MMORPG link directory [Detail]
"Massive Multiplayer . com - A link list without singleplayers provides resources to popular massive multiplayer online games (MMOG / MMORPG) and their worlds. You'll find links to knowledge, news sources, maps, items, quests or tipps of more than 20 massive multiplayer online games.
Date : May-30-2006 - Massive Multiplayer .com - A MMORPG link directory : n/a
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Link: The Ladies of Hack -- Community for Women Gamers [Detail]
For the support and community of lady gamers. Provides articles, tips, and reviews pertaining to RPGs, CCGs, D&D, Hackmaster and more! Register to receive your own blog on our blogsite to tell others of your gaming exploits!
Date : May-10-2006 - The Ladies of Hack -- Community for Women Gamers : n/a
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Link: Source Maps [Detail]
This is one of the Greatest websites for HL2 Engine mapping. We have maps, tutorials, discussion forums etc.
Date : May-01-2006 - Source Maps : n/a
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Link: Totally Free World of Warcraft Guides [Detail]
This site has all the World of Warcraft guides you will ever need. We have gold guides, powerleveling guides, and grinding guides.
Date : Apr-30-2006 - Totally Free World of Warcraft Guides : n/a
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Link: Role Playing Game Resources, PBP Games & Downloads [Detail]
Role playing game resources site specializing in free supplements, assistance for world & campaign builders, advice & support for Games Master's and players, play by post games, and much much more.
Date : Mar-08-2006 - Role Playing Game Resources, PBP Games & Downloads : n/a
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Link: Final Fantasy Network [Detail]
The Final Fantasy Network for Final Fantasy and other gaming media including wallpapers, game OSTs in .mp3 format, game music videos, forums and much more.
Date : Mar-07-2006 - Final Fantasy Network : n/a
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Link: Games online forum & chat [Detail]
Scopul acestui site Este acela de a uni pe toti pasionatii de jocuri online din Romania. Prin forumul nostru dar mai ales prin chat, vrem sa facilitam comunicarea dintre jucatori si sa usuram schimbul de item-uri, precum si vanzarea/cumpararea acestora in black-market-uri.
Date : Mar-07-2006 - Games online forum & chat : n/a
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Link: WoW Burning Crusade [Detail]
World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade is the exciting new expansion to Blizzard's award-winning massively multiplayer online role-playing game. It expands the game by tremendous bounds, adding new races, lands, Battlegrounds, professions and items, and more.
Date : Mar-04-2006 - WoW Burning Crusade : n/a
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Link: Legio Draco XCIX [Detail]
A MMORPG roman roleplaying guild for the upcoming game, Roma Victor, and current games like Rome Total War.
Date : Feb-13-2006 - Legio Draco XCIX : n/a
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Link: WOW Gold [Detail]
Price list guide showing which gold sellers have the lowest price. Compare and save on your World of Warcraft gold.
Date : Feb-03-2006 - WOW Gold : n/a
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Link: FFXI Gil [Detail]
Information on the cheapest place to buy your Final Fantasy XI Gil. Never over pay for your FFXI gil again. Top currency service providers listed showing you who has the lowest price.
Date : Feb-03-2006 - FFXI Gil : n/a
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Link: MMORPG Topsites [Detail]
The most comprehensive listing of MMORPG links on the internet. Information about World of Warcraft Gold (WoW), Starwars Galaxies, MMORPGs, Guildwars, City of Heros, and more RPG related links!
Date : Feb-01-2006 - MMORPG Topsites : n/a
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Link: MobsterWar: Online Mafia Game All-Out WAR [Detail]
Mobste war is an online Rpg strategy game site. Current games are Jus' Chillin', Full force, Old style and Drug war(in testing). Become a Gangster, Whore or Dealer. Buy/Sell drugs in many cities. Kill, rob or Die! your choice.
Date : Feb-01-2006 - MobsterWar: Online Mafia Game All-Out WAR : n/a
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Link: Warcraft 3 PVPGN server: Warcraft 3 FT [Detail]
Warcraft 3 PVPGN servers: battlenet server warcraft 3 forums DOTA allstars. Battlenet server, battlenet tutorials and warcraft 3 technical forums.
Date : Jan-11-2006 - Warcraft 3 PVPGN server: Warcraft 3 FT : n/a
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Link: Wheel of Time Directory [Detail]
A Wheel of Time directory with sections on art, music, characters, discussions, downloads, fan fiction, forums, games, humour, muds, products, tools & more
Date : Jan-10-2006 - Wheel of Time Directory : n/a
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Link: Descent into Depths! [Detail]
Descent into Depths is an old school 1st Edition AD&D adventure run by the Infinity Group.
Date : Jan-09-2006 - Descent into Depths! : n/a
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Link: Deus Sapientia [Detail]
A fantasy/medievil rpg. Over 50 areas, including advanced RP areas, and godly plains (unique to this site). Features: money system, shops, fighting, and many more. Players with experience can become advanced roleplayers, demi-gods, mod's, and even gods! Each with their own special features. Our forum has a friendly no-pressure atmosphere. Join now
Date : Jan-05-2006 - Deus Sapientia : n/a
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Link: Eye On MOGS [Detail]
At Eye On MOGS we search 10+ stores for MMORPG products like World of Warcraft Gold, Everquest 2 Gold, EVe ISK and items twice a day so you don't have to! FInd the best deals and be sure you find exactly what you want, when you want it using Eye On MOGS!
Date : Jan-02-2006 - Eye On MOGS : n/a
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Link: Lunar Strife [Detail]
Become apart of a story filled with betrayal, fantasy, lust and even death as their separate yet intertwining stories unfold before you. Travel the unclaimed or become tangled in a spider’s web of mistrust that runs deeper than blood, bone and gristle. Werewolves have taken over the night. Howl out your song and join them upon the hunt.
Date : Dec-28-2005 - Lunar Strife : n/a
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Link: Baranthia [Detail]
A world filled will corruption and revolution. How will you partake in it? Join Baranthia today... Fantasy RPG
Date : Dec-22-2005 - Baranthia : n/a
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Link: WOW Gold [Detail]
Information on the cheapest place to buy your World of WarCraft Gold. Never over pay for your WOW gold again. Top currency service providers listed showing you who has the lowest price.
Date : Dec-21-2005 - WOW Gold : n/a
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Link: Shadows of Angmar [Detail]
Community site for Lord of the Rings Online featuring online chat, forums, and kinship hosting.
Date : Nov-13-2005 - Shadows of Angmar : n/a
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Link: The Wheel of Time MUD, a role playing game [Detail]
Welcome to the Wheel of Time MUD, the Online Role-Playing Game based on Robert Jordan's series. Hone your skills and role-play your character as a heroic warrior, wield Angreal as an Aes Sedai with the One Power, sharpen your knife as a Trolloc or serve the Empress, awaiting the Corenne. Enter a world with characters engulfed in an epic age!
Date : Oct-31-2005 - The Wheel of Time MUD, a role playing game : n/a
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Link: Dungeons and Dragons [Detail]
Troll and Toad carries 1000's of New and Out of Print RPGS, including D&D, White Wolf, Gurps and more. We Also carry a huge selection of Dice, Mage Knight, Hero Clix, RPG's, Yu Gi Oh and Out of Print Board Games. Worldwide shipping on over 100,000 items, member BBB and Bizrate certified.
Date : Oct-25-2005 - Dungeons and Dragons : n/a
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Link: Fantasy Control [Detail]
Fantasy Control is the place for you fantasy-fanatics. We offer great RPG dedicated to the works of Fantasy, magic, and most importantly: your imagination.
Date : Sep-20-2005 - Fantasy Control : n/a
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Link: Final Fantasy DayDream [Detail]
Enjoy viewing FF fan art and fiction based on your favourite FF titles. If you like drawing FF artwork or creating your own FF fiction, submit them to be displayed here for all to see :)
Date : Aug-25-2005 - Final Fantasy DayDream : n/a
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Link: Dragon's Era [Detail]
a literate or semi literate fantasy rp forum,with a friendly and active community,a roleplayers must se
Date : Aug-17-2005 - Dragon's Era : n/a
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Link: Yu-Yu Hakusho RP [Detail]
The only Yu-Yu Hakusho RP that allows the members to have a creative voice in the worlds of Yu-Yu Hakusho..Please join and RP....Orginal characters welcomed...
Date : Aug-01-2005 - Yu-Yu Hakusho RP : n/a

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