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Link: Records Retention [Detail]
Business Records Retention and Flat Print Service helping businesses and non profits of all sizes get compliant with record retention rules and regulations. Converting paper documents to PDF files with optional Adobe bookmarks and/or searchable index on CD or DVD. Archive or upload to a hard drive or server. Save on storage and paper costs.
Date : May-27-2008 - Records Retention : n/a
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Link: 6sixsigma - Change Management Resources [Detail]
Six Sigma,Lean Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing - Achieving effective business results via free articles,quality glossary;links,freeware programme downloads;online sigma metric calculators and more.
Date : Jan-15-2008 - 6sixsigma - Change Management Resources : n/a
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Link: Offshore Staff Leasing and Outsource Web Services [Detail]
An offshore staff leasing company in Manila, Philippines that provides leased employees, staffing solutions, and web outsourcing services.
Date : Nov-10-2007 - Offshore Staff Leasing and Outsource Web Services : n/a
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Link: Armstrong Archives Record and File Management [Detail]
Armstrong Archives is a full service professional off-site record management and storage facility offering indexing, storage, retrieval, re-file, destruction, delivery/pick-up, and file management services in a secure environment. Located in Dallas, Texas, Armstrong Archives offers our clients a wide range of customized services.
Date : Nov-03-2007 - Armstrong Archives Record and File Management : n/a
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Link: Ads2Sales - Automated Adwords Campaign Management [Detail]
Ads2Sales leadership team is comprised of industry veterans with experience in the world’s leading software and marketing organizations. Ads2Sales SEM Pro was conceived by real world needs, real world companies and by some of the world’s best design and development gurus. Ads2Sales SEM Pro is a Technology Platform for SEM Power Users.
Date : Oct-30-2007 - Ads2Sales - Automated Adwords Campaign Management : n/a
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Link: Montreal Virtual Associates [Detail]
Virtual Associates helps any small to medium-size business organize their business. We offer all of the expertise and dedication of a regular office assistant/administrator: a fully functional office that has a separate land line for your business needs, a host of web based application that tie you and your business seamlessly in with our Administr
Date : Oct-24-2007 - Montreal Virtual Associates : n/a
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Link: Corporate Tax Planning [Detail]
A warming walcome to our site we are expert in corporate tax planning and business planning services
Date : Sep-24-2007 - Corporate Tax Planning : n/a
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Link: Premier Booking Management [Detail]
A full-scale talent management company, which emphasizes the career development of artists, actors, and screenplay writers. Started by Hulon Crayton II...
Date : Sep-20-2007 - Premier Booking Management : n/a
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Link: Jasper Associates Blog [Detail]
Jasper Associates are an international human capital training and consultancy company helping organisations realise their return on investment of their people through innovative solutions. Jasper Associates operate in many sectors including Oil and Gas, Energy, Healthcare, Food Drink Leisure and Tourism.
Date : Sep-18-2007 - Jasper Associates Blog : n/a
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Link: Integro Learning Australia - Team and Leadership d [Detail]
International consulting and training firm providing team, organizational, and leadership development to help you attract and retain talented people.
Date : Sep-02-2007 - Integro Learning Australia - Team and Leadership d : n/a
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Link: Data Warehousing and Data Mining from Future Techn [Detail]
Future Technologies, Inc. is an international technology solutions provider that offers Information Technology Consulting, Development, and Computer Training to a broad array of clients in technical and financial services industries.
Date : Aug-31-2007 - Data Warehousing and Data Mining from Future Techn : n/a
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Link: Property Management Estate Agent London [Detail]
BP Connections Ltd is a residential property management agency providing the best service possible to its clients.
Date : Aug-28-2007 - Property Management Estate Agent London : n/a
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Link: RSR Business Consultancy [Detail]
We evaluate potential solutions, associated risks, working with business goals, process and procedures. Using BPR, user participation, we formulate a specification and system design. RSR will then project manage, liaising with all parties to ensure a successful conclusion. Working with RSR will result in the best fit solution and increased ROI.
Date : Aug-27-2007 - RSR Business Consultancy : n/a
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Link: LZ Management agency bodyguard & security service [Detail]
LZ Management, agency leader in Italy, offers a hight level service using exclusively professional people. LZ Management provides: Hostess, Stewarts, Security's Professionals for events, convention and meetings Special event security Luxury cars and security drivers Bodyguard services and celebrity protection
Date : Aug-08-2007 - LZ Management agency bodyguard & security service : n/a
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Link: Sales Force Management [Detail]
Sales Force Management - Your sales force needs a proven process. Follow this sales management process to synchronize your presentation with the customer's buying decisions. Increase sales and protect margin. For sales managers, sales trainers and salespeople.
Date : Jul-30-2007 - Sales Force Management : n/a
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Link: Training Trainers Kuwait [Detail]
Performance Connect is in the business of assisting organisations offer Skill Development of Trainers, Training Process Improvement, Training Strategy Development, Training Practice Assessment and On-the-Job Trainers Skill Development in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Middle East and GCC.
Date : Jul-19-2007 - Training Trainers Kuwait : n/a
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Link: lean manufacturing and six sigma training [Detail]
Online training courses in lean manufacturing, six sigma, sales, finance, and negotation. Six Sigma Black Belt Certification and Lean Manufacturing Cert.
Date : Jul-19-2007 - lean manufacturing and six sigma training : n/a
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Link: Supply Chain Business Solutions [Detail]
Supply Chain Business Solutions is an Australasian Distributor for Preactor, Forecast Pro, StrataView and Supply Chain Planning (SCP) business solutions for the supply chain. We have provided Consulting and Education Services to many leading Australian companies. We have been marketing and implementing forecasting and planning software packages sin
Date : Jul-05-2007 - Supply Chain Business Solutions : n/a
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Link: China IT Outsourcing [Detail]
A multi-nationally managed, Shanghai-based IT & BPO consulting firm. We assist migration of IT & Business Process functions to service providers in China.
Date : Jul-05-2007 - China IT Outsourcing : n/a
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Link: Integrated Business Planning and Decisions [Detail]
Demand prediction for competing products, publicity efficiency, production, sales, required personnel, materials, equipment, cost, profit, taxable objects and taxes, net profit, loans, investments, cash balancing, assets and debts. Template business plans, detail Help, Tutorial, some types of reports, automatic charts of time-dependent data.
Date : Jul-02-2007 - Integrated Business Planning and Decisions : n/a
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Link: Business setup dubai, business dubai, Business Opp [Detail]
Business setup dubai, business dubai, company formation dubai, companies dubai, company registeration dubai Business Opportunity Dubai
Date : Jun-17-2007 - Business setup dubai, business dubai, Business Opp : n/a
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Link: CHM Group Inc. [Detail]
CHM Group Incorporated is dedicated to providing your corporation a solution to the rising production costs within North America. As world-wide Corporations continue to seek outsourcing assistance, the competition grows stronger. CHM Group is your alternative to outsourcing. We facilitate all aspects of a project, regardless of scope.
Date : Jun-10-2007 - CHM Group Inc. : n/a
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Link: MBA - Management for Central and Eastern Europe [Detail]
MBA Master of Business Administration Management for Central and Eastern Europe European University Viadrina in Frankfurt (Oder), Germany. The most international part time program in Europe accredited by FIBAA and SEM Forum. Main topics: Business Management, Leadership Skills, Cross Cultural Projects.
Date : May-23-2007 - MBA - Management for Central and Eastern Europe : n/a
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Link: airTODO - Project Management Tool [Detail]
airTODO is a minimalist project management tool, intended for customer, project, module, operation, task and time management.
Date : May-21-2007 - airTODO - Project Management Tool : n/a
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Link: Secure Edge Technologies [Detail]
The SET portfolio of products and services provides its customers within Australia, New Zealand and the Oceania region with electronic solutions to secure and protect their sensitive and strategic assets.
Date : Apr-30-2007 - Secure Edge Technologies : n/a
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Link: Annalise SVP Emerging Markets and Eastern Europe R [Detail]
Annalise SVP Emerging Markets Research & Intelligence provides research and consulting services to companies that want to do business in Eastern Europe
Date : Apr-28-2007 - Annalise SVP Emerging Markets and Eastern Europe R : n/a
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Link: Effective Accountable Communication [Detail]
How to make advertising more effective and totally accountable by utilising Interactive Marketing Communication. Using existing media facilities. Over £5 million investment in independent research proves conclusively that just one exposure to an Interactive "Event" is far more effective than the Advertising reach and frequency model.
Date : Apr-24-2007 - Effective Accountable Communication : n/a
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Link: Business Management, Internet Business, Small Busi [Detail]
Business Marketing, Internet Business, Small Business et al - Suggest for Business is a social advices sharing website about business powered by users like you.
Date : Mar-13-2007 - Business Management, Internet Business, Small Busi : n/a
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Link: Business Nerd [Detail]
Follow the teachings of the business nerd and let your business grow into the most profitable venture in existence. Top up your knowledge of critical business topics including: human resources, marketing, operations, advertising, and innovation.
Date : Feb-28-2007 - Business Nerd : n/a
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Link: Time and Attendance [Detail]
Kaba Workforce Solutions Time and Attendance Autotime is designed to automate data collection, and significantly lowering costs, improving efficiency, and increasing productivity.
Date : Feb-27-2007 - Time and Attendance : n/a

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