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Link: The Daily Whinger [Detail]
Complain about something publicly, whether it is business, politics, your job, society, culture, et cetera.
Date : Feb-12-2006 - The Daily Whinger : n/a
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Link: Love Poems & Quotes [Detail]
The most romantic love poetry, friendship poems, classic poetry, romantic poetry, love quotes, marriage quotes, love letters, gift ideas, love greeting cards, poetry chat and more.
Date : Feb-06-2006 - Love Poems & Quotes : n/a
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Link: djs42sBlog [Detail]
Entertaining blog from professional artist and designer about life in the new millenium!Always thoughtful and insightful.
Date : Feb-06-2006 - djs42sBlog : n/a
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Link: PoetryKafe [Detail]
Huge collection of user submitted poetry, poems and quotes. Submit your poetry and quotes, talk about love and seek advice on our forum.
Date : Feb-03-2006 - PoetryKafe : n/a
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Link: Filipina Writer [Detail]
The Stories and Poetry of Rachelle Arlin Credo - freelance writer and web columnist
Date : Feb-03-2006 - Filipina Writer : n/a
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Link: Writing.Com: Online Writing [Detail]
Online community for writers of all interests. Offers free accounts that provide members with an online writing portfolio, email services and access to forums.
Date : Jan-29-2006 - Writing.Com: Online Writing : n/a
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Link: Nature Poems [Detail]
Read poems about nature, summer, fall, spring, winter, pets, trees and much more.
Date : Jan-26-2006 - Nature Poems : n/a
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Link: Gambler Content [Detail]
Ex-professional gambler and Journalism major will create high-quality original gambling oriented content for you website.
Date : Jan-23-2006 - Gambler Content : n/a
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Link: [Detail]
A web site for writers and anyone who wants to wtite every day and earn every day. Lots of free offers and business opportunities.
Date : Jan-23-2006 - : n/a
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Link: -- Article search & browse [Detail] is a search engine directory for articles from the webs best authors.
Date : Jan-19-2006 - -- Article search & browse : n/a
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Link: Writing Coach [Detail]
I am a published writer with years of experience in editing and teaching and now working as a tutor in the Providence, RI area. I tutor all ages including professionals who wish to improve their communication skills. I accept editing jobs on a free-lance basis and can work online. I specialize in book-length projects.
Date : Jan-17-2006 - Writing Coach : n/a
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Link: Online Internet Product Directroy [Detail]
Internet directory for many different products. Ranging from basball equipment to verizon phones.
Date : Jan-13-2006 - Online Internet Product Directroy : n/a
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Link: Human Eight Ball [Detail]
A Magic 8 Ball with a twist - all of the answers are submitted by visitors to the site!
Date : Jan-12-2006 - Human Eight Ball : n/a
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Link: Pennine Publishing [Detail]
Pennine is a British self publishing company and everything is done within the UK, even the printing, which means we have a rapid turnaround time for delivering books to you and your customers.
Date : Jan-06-2006 - Pennine Publishing : n/a
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Link: Mindpowertime [Detail]
A collection of poems by different poets. Everyone can register and get a presentation page, poem pages and a guestbook.
Date : Jan-05-2006 - Mindpowertime : Excellent!
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Link: Autori Emergenti è il sito web dove pubblicare [Detail]
Autori Emergenti è il nuovo sito web dove pubblicare qualunque lavoro di scrittura di qualsiasi genere. Un modo in più per proporre i propri manoscritti e farli conoscere.
Date : Jan-05-2006 - Autori Emergenti è il sito web dove pubblicare : n/a
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Link: Cityscope Investments [Detail]
Aus dieser deutsch-englischsprachigen Zusammenarbeit entstand IMI Ltd. als Tochterunternehmen von Interface Management Limited und bietet seit 1984 die Möglichkeit, Gesellschaften in den verschiedensten Ländern und Rechtsprechungen - onshore sowie auch offshore - schnell, diskret und online zu formieren.
Date : Jan-04-2006 - Cityscope Investments : n/a
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Link: Greendale Walkthrough/Red Wheelbarrow Solved/Poems [Detail]
Greendale Walkthrough -Starring Rudy Ray Moore, Neil Young and Mahatma Gandhi. Also, The Red Wheelbarrow -Solved by Terrence Hopper and a collection of ditch poems.
Date : Jan-03-2006 - Greendale Walkthrough/Red Wheelbarrow Solved/Poems : n/a
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Link: Stuck in Neutral [Detail]
An old-fashioned personal website that tries hard not to suck. Featuring life stories and more from your ordinary student slash social recluse.
Date : Jan-01-2006 - Stuck in Neutral : n/a
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Link: Jack Christopher -m Author [Detail]
Author of Shooting Stars. Forums for writers and people who are interested in writing. Receive upgrades for waabang a single's internet priority. rough draft of shooting stars before it was published. Press releases and Ordering information on website.
Date : Dec-30-2005 - Jack Christopher -m Author : n/a
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Link: Poetry Anthology Series [Detail]
Poetry submissions are now being accepted by the League of American Poets for our new Poetry Anthology Series. Please submit only your original poetry.
Date : Dec-06-2005 - Poetry Anthology Series : n/a
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Link: Ebook Publishing Resources [Detail]
Offering free templates and resources to help you write, publish and sell your own profitable ebooks online.
Date : Dec-01-2005 - Ebook Publishing Resources : n/a
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Link: Crime writer's association of Australia [Detail]
The crime writer's association of Australia - annual Ned Kelly awards for crime writers.
Date : Dec-01-2005 - Crime writer's association of Australia : n/a
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Link: captains log [Detail]
personal web diary of a middle aged man ranting about life, the universe and everything.
Date : Nov-30-2005 - captains log : n/a
site detail
Link: Writer Dianne Day [Detail]
Personal website of mystery writer Dianne Day - interview, description of books, contact information
Date : Nov-29-2005 - Writer Dianne Day : n/a
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Link: Foro de lectores y escritores [Detail]
En este rincón de la red nos reunimos los que sentimos los libros como parte importante de nuestras vidas. Aqui podemos recomendar lecturas, escribir nuestros propios relatos, criticar, pedir opinion, mostrar nuestras propias obras, sugerir, hacer amigos, y tantas otras cosas.
Date : Nov-15-2005 - Foro de lectores y escritores : n/a
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Link: Eternal Damnation Ministry [Detail]
Online ministry parody lampooning fire-and-brimstone preaching. Site features deliberately outdated style, slightly insane minister, and plenty of conspiracy theories. Certified Jesuit-free!
Date : Nov-15-2005 - Eternal Damnation Ministry : n/a
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Link: Lost forum [Detail]
A forum based on ABC's tv series, Lost. Come and discussion all aspects of LOST.
Date : Nov-13-2005 - Lost forum : n/a
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Link: Astrology Rainbow Natal Reports & Free Horoscopes [Detail]
Gay & Straight Astrology natal reports and daily free horoscopes. #1 Rated for accuracy!
Date : Oct-17-2005 - Astrology Rainbow Natal Reports & Free Horoscopes : n/a
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Link: Literary Ezine [Detail]
Literary news, views and reviews, short stories, poetry and author interviews. Free ezine is sent to subscribers on the first of every month.
Date : Oct-07-2005 - Literary Ezine : Excellent!

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