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Link: Original Writing - Self-publishing Irish authors [Detail]
Irish self-publishing service helping authors publish, print and sell books worldwide.
Date : Aug-28-2006 - Original Writing - Self-publishing Irish authors : n/a
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Link: Personalised Poetry and Speech Writing Service [Detail]
Poetry and speech writing for all occasions. Written with the information you submit, a personalised poem can be a treasured keepsake long after the event. Do you quake at the thought of writing a speech? Why not let a professional do it for you? Let me do the work, you take the credit. It's as simple as that! Your thoughts, my words.
Date : Aug-14-2006 - Personalised Poetry and Speech Writing Service : n/a
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Link: Writing Planet [Detail]
Directory of articles about all kinds of writing, including creative, non-fiction, copywriting, book writing and more. Free articles for -ezines and websites and free article submission for writers. Free resources for writers.
Date : Aug-08-2006 - Writing Planet : n/a
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Link: The Chronicles of Samuel Sassodoro, Book One [Detail]
From a place beyond the space/time continuum, known as No-Time, Samuel Sassodoro, is born into this world. He possesses a certain faculty for bringing together the opposing forces of Good and Evil that beleaguer mankind; a potential for moving towards a new rung on the ladder of psychic evolution. Yet Evil would oppose any such change. Samuel must
Date : Jul-26-2006 - The Chronicles of Samuel Sassodoro, Book One : n/a
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Link: In The Arms of God [Detail]
The Christian Poetry of Feon Davis. And books as well Artist words by Vincent Davis.
Date : Jul-20-2006 - In The Arms of God : n/a
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Link: Tyke Script Redrafted [Detail]
Poetry, fiction and journalism from one of Yorkshire's up-and-coming literary sons.
Date : Jul-16-2006 - Tyke Script Redrafted : n/a
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Link: The Writers Club [Detail]
This is a writers site helping to support and promote the creative work of independent writers and where writers can have their works critiqued, published, and participate in literary contests. The writer’s club offers resources on markets, agents, writers groups, writer conferences and forums for discussing the writing life and workshops.
Date : Jul-11-2006 - The Writers Club : n/a
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Link: Writing Books - Online and Offline [Detail]
The Book Writing Online Portal, for on and offline book and article writing resources.
Date : Jul-06-2006 - Writing Books - Online and Offline : n/a
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Link: Theological Immortal Romance [Detail]
Here you can purchase author, Kevin Brian Wright's bestselling new book, Theological Immortal Romance, read his biography, bibliography, enter contests, read about his awards, literary works, book reviews, praise, and Q&A.
Date : Jul-05-2006 - Theological Immortal Romance : n/a
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Link: American Authors Association [Detail]
read the 5 Star review for Author, Kevin Brian Wright's ground breaking new book, "Theological Immortal Romance.
Date : Jul-05-2006 - American Authors Association : n/a
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Link: Custom Writing Services [Detail]
Offering custom term paper, essays, research paper, book review and thesis paper.
Date : Jun-03-2006 - Custom Writing Services : n/a
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Link: Inspirational Poems & Stories [Detail]
Gotsit offers you a very exciting way forward .Doing something is what life is all about .By doing something your constantly inspired . Make your own good luck ! Motivate yourself towards good luck with good decisions. The belief that luck is your own willing partner makes you smell good luck at a distance.
Date : May-30-2006 - Inspirational Poems & Stories : n/a
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Link: Make Your Own Art [Detail]
A short affiliate directory where one can find links to personalize articles of clothing, mugs and calendars or join programs that allow expression of your creativity.
Date : May-24-2006 - Make Your Own Art : n/a
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Link: Il mondo dal mio punto di vista : by Maestro © [Detail]
Sito dedicato al mondo, alla storia, alla politica, alleconomia, al quotidiano rivisitato dal mio punto di vista. Con foto, audio, video presi in giro dal web.
Date : May-20-2006 - Il mondo dal mio punto di vista : by Maestro © : n/a
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Link: Stupid Stuff and Funny Ideas [Detail]
There are no stupid ideas...well, there are. I don't know why people say that.A blog with stupid ideas and funny things.
Date : May-10-2006 - Stupid Stuff and Funny Ideas : n/a
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Link: JPiC Forum For Writers [Detail]
This poetry forum is for writers of all ethnicities to share poetry, short stories and other writings.
Date : Apr-27-2006 - JPiC Forum For Writers : n/a
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Link: zafusy Poetry Magazine edited by Jody Porter [Detail]
Online poetry journal - experimental & nontraditional. Also lists poetry events.
Date : Apr-27-2006 - zafusy Poetry Magazine edited by Jody Porter : n/a
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Link: Advice Library - Advice on Everything [Detail]
Publish your advice and how-to articles in the Advice Library - get syndicated today!
Date : Apr-27-2006 - Advice Library - Advice on Everything : n/a
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Link: Eves Place For Animal Lovers [Detail]
My site consists of Poems, short Stories about animals, and friends. and much more! Links such as Missing Children, Health, Dolphins, Environment, You can also light a candle for an animal that has passed away.
Date : Apr-27-2006 - Eves Place For Animal Lovers : n/a
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Link: love poems poetry valentines [Detail]
love poems poetry valentines everything about love and love poems and writing poems. also you may send poems on email and read about valentines day and making gifts for valentine's day
Date : Apr-21-2006 - love poems poetry valentines : n/a
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Link: Dark Bubble [Detail]
The hottes online gaming, chat and downloa site.We are dedicated to providing our users the best service humanl posible
Date : Apr-17-2006 - Dark Bubble : n/a
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Link: Letter Whiz - Letter Writing Templates [Detail]
Customizable collection of professionally written letters for all occasions. Find the right words for writing any type of letter.
Date : Apr-04-2006 - Letter Whiz - Letter Writing Templates : n/a
site detail
Link: The Small Press Exchange [Detail]
A loose affiliation of writers, booksellers, and small press publishers sharing news, reviews and resources in a social manner.
Date : Mar-23-2006 - The Small Press Exchange : n/a
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Link: Looserlist: The World's First and Most Popular Los [Detail]
Looserlist: The World's First and Most Popular Loser Database Search Engine
Date : Mar-22-2006 - Looserlist: The World's First and Most Popular Los : n/a
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Link: Tejumade Aderele's blog Page [Detail]
This is a site for intellectuals interested in psycho-social, socio-plotitical, socio-economic,political economic, identity and media debates, as well as general creative writing. Please do critique my work.
Date : Mar-10-2006 - Tejumade Aderele's blog Page : n/a
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Link: All Types of Poetry [Detail]
All types of poetry - marry me poems, new poems by up and coming poets including the great Fester Bryan and Lauren Beziers, funny poems, love poems, famous poems, friendship poems, short love poems, inspirational poems, classic poems, nature poems – A lot of poems !! Enjoy - and submit your own poetry !
Date : Mar-05-2006 - All Types of Poetry : n/a
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Link: Poetry Contest [Detail]
Love Poem! Amateur Free Poem Contest! Publish Your Poem! Many various resources related to poetry! Do not hesitate to visit our website!
Date : Mar-04-2006 - Poetry Contest : n/a
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Link: Custom Term Paper & Essays [Detail]
Get your custom term paper, essays, research paper and thesis only on US$10.95 per page.
Date : Mar-03-2006 - Custom Term Paper & Essays : n/a
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Link: Feel LIke zephyr -Collection of love ,friendship.. [Detail]
The website completely dedicated for poems and inspiration .POems of all types are available angel poems,friendship poems, love poems etc
Date : Feb-26-2006 - Feel LIke zephyr -Collection of love ,friendship.. : n/a
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Link: Free Article Submission [Detail]
1888 Articles provides free article submission, All recent news articles, Ezine ready articles, Top articles & authors, Search articles, articles on various categories like food, health, fitness, science, business and more…
Date : Feb-14-2006 - Free Article Submission : n/a

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