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Link: The Magic Realist [Detail] premium!
A stroll along paths less traveled, The Magic Realist is a sanctuary for the exploration and discussion of life's deeper meaning and love's ever becoming.
Date : Dec-22-2013 - The Magic Realist : n/a
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Link: The Writer's Space [Detail] premium!
This site is dedicated to reading, writing and the love of books. Bringing some tips and resources for writers and a great selection of the latest events and books.
Date : Jun-30-2013 - The Writer's Space : n/a
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Link: A Tribute to Texas [Detail] premium!
I write a blog that includes travel, working class issues, family life, education, children, politics, and various other topics. Some people paint, knit, or scrapbook...I just love to write. I have an English degree, and I read Native American Literature, Christian ethics, and poetry. I live in Texas and Oklahoma, but I travel the west extensively.
Date : Jul-14-2011 - A Tribute to Texas : Good
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Link: The Return of Dunlevy by Drew Savage [Detail] premium!
The Return of Dunlevy is author Drew Savage's second novel. Set in England, Tahiti and Australia,‘The Return’ has Dunlevy in action as the willing partner in crime to gorgeous Tahitian Supermodel Loku as they set out to steal Pearls and tangle with the bad guys along the way. Naturally, Dunlevy indulges in some romance!
Date : Apr-22-2011 - The Return of Dunlevy by Drew Savage : n/a
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Link: Life's Little Tales [Detail] premium!
A laugh a day keeps the wrinkles away! This blog is all about making you laugh. They say laughter is the best medicine and that's exactly what I intend to do, make you laugh till you're cured of your problems. I bring you funny stories from all over the world, so join in the fun.
Date : Nov-16-2010 - Life's Little Tales : n/a
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Link: Write Riveting Prose [Detail] premium!
Write Riveting Prose is a writing manual that empowers writers to produce quality articles and books, for both fiction and non-fiction. See writing techniques and strategies not found in bookstores, or college and university shelves. Downloadable book sells for $14.99. Affiliates get 75% commissions.
Date : Dec-15-2007 - Write Riveting Prose : n/a
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Link: where Peace is a Good Thing [Detail] premium!
A site where you can relax and read about good people, good karma, cute animal stories and help spread peace and love. It's all about uplifting and Peace is a good thing! This site was built by a 5 year Stage III Ovarian Cancer survivor.
Date : Nov-02-2007 - where Peace is a Good Thing : n/a
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Link: Research Papers and Term Papers [Detail] premium! is an on-line Custom Writing/Research company that provides high quality custom essays and custom research papers, book reports, theses, powerpoint presentations written by qualified American writers. Satisfaction guaranteed through unlimited revisions and rewrites.
Date : Mar-04-2007 - Research Papers and Term Papers : n/a
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Link: Love Poems and Quotes [Detail] premium!
Romantic collection of love poems and love quotes. Related themes including famous, inspirational, friendship, and weddings. Free monthly poetry contest as well as a top 10 list of romantic ideas and gifts.
Date : Jul-25-2006 - Love Poems and Quotes : n/a
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Link: Daily Poems [Detail] premium!
Daily poem blog containing posts relating to love, friendship, inspiration, life, laughter and sadness.
Date : Apr-17-2006 - Daily Poems : n/a
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Link: Critical Review Essay [Detail]
Review of the best writing companies, around the globe, EssayUK is an UK based non profitable company which has been assisting student, information prior to order any online company.
Date : Mar-17-2015 - Critical Review Essay : n/a
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Link: pilebulb life hacks [Detail]
A pile of interesting life hacks. People do want how to guides, tips, tricks, and everyday activities hacks.
Date : Aug-07-2014 - pilebulb life hacks : Excellent!
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Link: Kyle S Parsons [Detail]
College student blogger, hoping to entertain you with my blogs. My blog theme is "#CollegeQuestions" and I write about why things are the way they are in college. Like, share, and enjoy the life of a not-so-average college student.
Date : Feb-21-2014 - Kyle S Parsons : n/a
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Link: SAP HR Online Training USA [Detail]
SAP HR Online Training course with placement, Job oriented online training and placement in New York, USA, SAP HR Training by Real Time Expert in USA & Canada. | Intellitechnologies
Date : Jan-19-2014 - SAP HR Online Training USA : n/a
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Link: Vin Diesel on Paul Walker's Death [Detail]
Vin Diesel took Paul's passing harder than most; see what he had to see and what other celebs were left devastated
Date : Dec-18-2013 - Vin Diesel on Paul Walker's Death : n/a
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Link: SEO Writing and Copywriting [Detail]
My name is Sean Vandenberg, and I am an SEO content writer in Maryland with solid experience in SEO content writing and SEO copywriting. Remember, content is king!
Date : May-15-2012 - SEO Writing and Copywriting : n/a
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Link: Entertaining blogs, worldwide news review. [Detail]
Most of articles author is Silvestrs Endelis, new blogger. He is typing about thinks that entertain you, trying to earn some money for studies. Worldwide news, reviews, you can submit your intresting things he will research and make a great review.
Date : Jan-14-2012 - Entertaining blogs, worldwide news review. : n/a
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Link: Proofreading services [Detail]
For professional proofreading and editing solutions, whether you are a student at university or a business owner looking for the professional touch, contact Full Proof today.
Date : Mar-28-2011 - Proofreading services : n/a
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Link: The Effects of Human kindness [Detail]
this is site is made to share information on how to improve family life,marriage,communal peace and co-existence,values and the sustainance of a good lifestyle.
Date : Feb-06-2011 - The Effects of Human kindness : n/a
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Link: Karen Dawkins [Detail]
I write about life, particularly parenting and lesson God teaches. I hope my posts encourage my readers who face battles every day too. Life is filled with joyful moments -- sometimes we have to look hard to find them. Sometimes they just fall in our laps.
Date : Jan-16-2011 - Karen Dawkins : n/a
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Link: Poems, Blogs And Other Conversations [Detail]
Poems, blogging and shopping - a wonderful place to visit - come often for interesting reading - Poetry and a blog designed to give your mind food for thought as you look around the world and see what your behaviors have wrought.
Date : May-15-2010 - Poems, Blogs And Other Conversations : n/a
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Link: Stones Off Erasmus [Detail]
Stones of Erasmus is a personal blog chock full of art, reviews, short stories, poetry, opinions and just plain good writing.
Date : Mar-30-2010 - Stones Off Erasmus : n/a
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Link: Pinoy Writers Online [Detail]
Largest Social Network for Filipino writers and lovers of arts and literature in the form of writing.
Date : Feb-28-2010 - Pinoy Writers Online : n/a
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Link: Home Office Bridge [Detail]
Home office bridge has set out to help writers with online tools, resources, and programs.
Date : Dec-25-2009 - Home Office Bridge : n/a
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Link: Environmental Expert, Poet and Author [Detail]
Check out my blog from my Links list and see what the politicians and big business need to do for you!
Date : Jun-18-2009 - Environmental Expert, Poet and Author : n/a
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Link: Writing Contests, Online Writing Contest [Detail]
Wishandvote is the loveliest online site for testing your creative skills and get paid for it. Express in 150 or less characters what you want and why, and win fabulous cash prizes. It is an opportunity for you to reach your goal. Make money with affiliate programs. Bring associates, win more cash.
Date : Aug-20-2008 - Writing Contests, Online Writing Contest : n/a
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Link: Online Diary [Detail]
Write online diary or journal and save your memories online privately or publicly.
Date : Jun-23-2008 - Online Diary : n/a
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Link: Lovely Publishing - Get Free Publishing, Earn Roya [Detail]
Lovely Publishing - Get published today for FREE, start earning ROYALTIES within an HOUR! Join the online community dedicated to validating you as a writer.
Date : Jun-18-2008 - Lovely Publishing - Get Free Publishing, Earn Roya : n/a
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Link: Photography, art, writing, and resources/links [Detail]
A site with personal poetry, poems, art work, photography, stories. resources and links for writers, artists, to post work/get paid for work/s.
Date : Feb-10-2008 - Photography, art, writing, and resources/links : n/a
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Link: -personal blog of an Entrepreneur [Detail]
This is the personal blog website of Sharat Thakur. The blog contains articles on diversified topics like Entrepreneurship, Spirituality, Technology, Travels, Motivational, Life, Humor, Politics.
Date : Feb-03-2008 - -personal blog of an Entrepreneur : n/a

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