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Link: 2L8 Greek Experimental Band [Detail]
The band 2L8 is the project of the 24-year old Kosta Voziki and a team of musicians and collaborators.The music of 2L8 does not seek a formalistic identity but is rather unfolding through a number of conscious and unconscious references. It functions more as a personal narration, overcoming all restrictions. It is post punk, pop, industrial, rock,
Date : Mar-06-2006 - 2L8 Greek Experimental Band : n/a
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Link: Thin December [Detail]
Over the years, Sacramento based rockers, Thin December, have been carving out a name for themselves. With the break up of former bands, the guys who now represent Thin December united collectively to construct a distinctive sound of deep tones and elevated melodies. All the guys are unique characters that people attract to.
Date : Mar-03-2006 - Thin December : n/a
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Link: Rockband sHELter [Detail]
Welcome to the official sHELter website! Look, Listen or leave a message. Have Fun!
Date : Feb-22-2006 - Rockband sHELter : n/a
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Link: Scot Rock [Detail]
Scot Rock is a webzine aimed at all fans of rock music. We provide new album and DVD reviews, gig listings, and more. Scot Rock is written by rock fans, for rock fans. We have a diverse interest in rock music, covering bands from the late 1960s to the present day. Our main aim to promote the bands and the music that we like.
Date : Feb-01-2006 - Scot Rock : n/a
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Link: Joe Walla and the Dangerous Men [Detail]
Joe Walla and the Dangerous Men - REAL Rock n' Roll. Raunchy Rock n' Roll at it's finest. The catchy tunes, whiskey voice and lyrics that would make a lady blush always guarantee a good time. Break out the booze, grab the babes and fire up the Harley. Joe Walla is the new King of Rock n' Roll!!!
Date : Jan-13-2006 - Joe Walla and the Dangerous Men : n/a
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Link: MSN Queen News [Detail]
MSN Queen News is an increasingly comprehensive site dedicated to the band Queen. Find the latest news, biographies, discography, reviews, interviews etc. Look no further for info on Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon. Also, find out about WWRY (the musical) and Queen + Paul Rodgers
Date : Jan-02-2006 - MSN Queen News : n/a
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Link: Ivory Tower Project [Detail]
Independent recording artists: Ivory Tower Project (aka: ITP) are a new breed of old school rockers. Music for those who love New Classic Rock, and Power Pop. Similar sounding artists: Queen, Foreigner, Power Station, Supertramp, etc. Official ITP web site contains: News, Press, Bio, Interviews, Downloads, Store, Forum, Guest Book and much more...
Date : Dec-13-2005 - Ivory Tower Project : n/a
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Link: New Rock, Big Sound: littleSUNDAY [Detail]
littleSUNDAY integrates Alternative Rock and melodic hooks with Classic Rock influences in order to create a five-star production of technical skill and awe-inspiring performance! It’s Rock Euphoria! - - CONTACT: Tel. 416.804.6680 e-mail: [email protected] -
Date : Dec-09-2005 - New Rock, Big Sound: littleSUNDAY : n/a
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Link: Flintzipper [Detail]
Flintzipper Original East Coast Rock Band since 1994 - Free music downloads of lastest recording - Lead Guitar ::: Jeff Vaughan Davis - Bass Guitar ::: Dan O - Drums ::: John - Lead Vocals ::: Wayne Hastings - Guitarist ::: Glen Schafer
Date : Nov-29-2005 - Flintzipper : n/a
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Link: Daddy Fantastic [Detail]
Psychedelic Rock'n'Roll Circus! Jimi Hendrix meets Scooby Doo! Butthole Surfers meets Banana Splits!
Date : Nov-16-2005 - Daddy Fantastic : n/a
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Link: Mark Knopfler - Guitar Legend [Detail]
Your Complete Source for Mark Knopfler and Dire Straits Music Information. Includes Biography, News, Tour Information, and Photos.
Date : Nov-09-2005 - Mark Knopfler - Guitar Legend : n/a
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Link: A Cool Devotion [Detail]
A Cool Devotion official site. Here you can find band info, music clips in steaming, a free single from the debut album "Bleedthrough" and the store where you can buy it.
Date : Oct-30-2005 - A Cool Devotion : n/a
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Link: Ozzy Osbourne - The Prince of Darkness [Detail]
Ozzy Osbourne fan site with breaking news headlines, lyrics, guitar tab, discography, and more.
Date : Oct-30-2005 - Ozzy Osbourne - The Prince of Darkness : n/a
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Link: TIGERTAILZ [Detail]
Original TIGERTAILZ memberz, Steevi Jaimz (vocals) and Ace Finchum (drums), are back..
Date : Aug-16-2005 - TIGERTAILZ : n/a
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Link: Winter Jargon [Detail]
Winter Jargon are a rock based, three- piece, female fronted band from the east of durham, england... They have been described as a crossover of Tori Amos and Muse and are inspired by nirvana, radiohead, skunk anansie, alanis morissette, a perfect circle, pj harvey, suzanne vega and the cranberries. Check out their musical audio blimpet snipets
Date : Jul-07-2005 - Winter Jargon : n/a
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Link: still hope for rock 'n roll... [Detail]
this site shows off what this New York band has done in it's first three years, and gives the opportunity download music and pass it on...
Date : Jun-26-2005 - still hope for rock 'n roll... : n/a
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Link: Addicted To Smack The Unofficial Godsmack Family [Detail]
The Ultimate Godsmack fansite. Everything a Godsmack fan needs. Hundreds of members to interact with on message board and chat. Reguarly updated with news, interviews, articles, and pics. Come check it out and see what youre missing!
Date : Jun-23-2005 - Addicted To Smack The Unofficial Godsmack Family : n/a
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Link: David Walimann [Detail]
Progressive rock guitarist/composer who serves God with the gifts of music. CPR vol 2 Featured artists: David Wallimann ,Neal Morse, David Bainbridge,YoungEarth,OrphanProject, EricParker,RevelationProject,SimonAppleBillBaueur,ScottRice,SoulfulTerrain GlassHammer
Date : Jun-17-2005 - David Walimann : n/a
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Link: The Vagabonds [Detail]
The Vagabonds, a band from Liverpool playing dirty trash basement junkie blues punk.
Date : Jun-06-2005 - The Vagabonds : n/a
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Link: A Telemetry [Detail]
A Telemetry’s music is made up of an edgy.... but melodic sound, with interesting lyrics/chord & riff sequences and lots of guitar layers.
Date : Jun-06-2005 - A Telemetry : n/a
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Link: Nad Sylvan - The Artist [Detail]
Nad is a one off in the Swedish rock society. He mixes classic pop/rock with theatrical gimmics and lush soundscapes. Not to be missed!
Date : Jun-01-2005 - Nad Sylvan - The Artist : n/a
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Link: Rusty Trick.Get your rock on [Detail]
Rusty Trick is a no frills rock band out of Raleigh NC .Go check them out ,stop in their forum and say hi..
Date : May-15-2005 - Rusty Trick.Get your rock on : n/a
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Link: Jason Didner - Clean-cut NJ, USA Rocker [Detail]
New Jersey singer/songwriter hosts a weekly online Songwriter Showcase and collaborates with musicians from around the world to bring you songs that make you laugh, think, feel and connect. Has a national radio hit called You Can't Get There from Here in Jersey, and is promotiong an album titled American Road.
Date : May-06-2005 - Jason Didner - Clean-cut NJ, USA Rocker : n/a
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Link: King Virtue [Detail]
King Virtue is a solo artist from Chesapeake, Virginia. He began recording in the fall of 1996. His music is a mix of Alternative and Pop Rock. Musical influences include Madonna, Hole, Tori Amos, No Doubt, Blondie, Duran Duran, Jewel, Weezer, Dolly Parton, Bjork, etc.
Date : May-02-2005 - King Virtue : n/a

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