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Link: Official Hades-inc. webpage [Detail]
In ths site you can find out about one of the most powerful bands in the chilean scene. You can download free mp3 and videos of HADES-INC. get to know their history and get in touch with the band
Date : Aug-04-2007 - Official Hades-inc. webpage : n/a
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Link: Inner Surge Official Website [Detail]
Official website for the acclaimed & politically charged metal act from Canada, Inner Surge. The band has released 4 CD's and 2 music videos, that latest of which is "Wolves", done by Free Zen Design and based on the Rwandan Genocide of 1994. The band has been described as "the next Rage against the Machine" by Cabras movie director Fredy Pola
Date : Jun-25-2007 - Inner Surge Official Website : n/a
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Link: Julia's Magnus Rosén Fan site [Detail]
Magnus Rosén Swedish, brilliant bassplayer, very talented musician, my poems, my review, Forum
Date : Apr-12-2007 - Julia's Magnus Rosén Fan site : n/a
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Link: WANNAbe: Rocking For The Future! [Detail]
The official web site of the french anar-metal (progressive metal) band WANNAbe.
Date : Dec-13-2006 - WANNAbe: Rocking For The Future! : n/a
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Link: Nightwish Fan Site [Detail]
International Forums dedicated to a work of Finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish!
Date : Aug-26-2006 - Nightwish Fan Site : n/a
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Link: Dark Vision [Detail]
True Black Metal, Photo Gallery, Forest Photos, Gothic Photos, Dark Photos, Industrial Photos, Dark Gallery, Dark Ambient, Drone Ambient, Power Electronics, Industrial, MP3 Trading
Date : Aug-09-2006 - Dark Vision : n/a
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Link: A.M. - Renegade [Detail]
Style of music is Nu-Metal, MetalCore, HardCore, GrindCore, MathCore, EmoCore and other real good stile
Date : Aug-02-2006 - A.M. - Renegade : n/a
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Link: Vagrancy - Party Metal [Detail]
Vagrancy was formed in February 2004 with members: Rick Camargo on the Guitar, Joe Palek on the Bass, Kevin Samsa on the Drums, then around Dec. came Steve Allison on Vocals. Vagrancy takes a loose/diverse approach to the intense genre of music-Metal. We do not fall into any exact category so we call ourselves Paty Metal.. we are ready to Rawk!!!!!
Date : May-10-2006 - Vagrancy - Party Metal : n/a
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Link: Virus 4 [Detail]
Metal band founded in 2005 by talented guitarist Samuel Arkan who brings out the best with his powerful and melodic riffs together with Renaut Van Oeyen on bass. With leadsinger Magali Luyten (e.a. Beautiful Sin), who sticks out from known female metalsingers nowadays and leaves most of them far behind ! Influences a.o Disturbed, Skunk anansie...
Date : Feb-15-2006 - Virus 4 : n/a
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Link: Virus IV [Detail]
Founded by Samuel Arkan (guitars) in August 2005. Magali Luyten (vocals), from a common band (Spirittales), Renaut Van Oeyen seemed to be the perfect guy to complete the trio. Virus IV, has an energical and powerful approach in the mood of bands like "Disturbed" or "Skunk A
Date : Jan-12-2006 - Virus IV : n/a
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Link: Internet Poker [Detail]
The best online poker rooms ranked by the players. Trust the poker rooms that the online public ranks.
Date : Dec-20-2005 - Internet Poker : n/a
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Link: Bloodsessions [Detail]
BLOODSESSIONS - METALCORE FROM AMSTERDAM -The Official BLOODSESSIONS Website - Look here for tourdates, downloads and other BS...
Date : Dec-04-2005 - Bloodsessions : n/a
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Link: TourniKueT [Detail]
The official site of one of the most influencial growing bands in the world. Features information and a free download.
Date : Oct-27-2005 - TourniKueT : n/a
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Link: Transcending Bizarre? Official Site [Detail]
Death, black, avant garde metal band from Greece. News, biography, photos, merchandise, discography, mp3 downloads, reviews, interviews, contact information of Transcending Bizarre? band.
Date : Aug-31-2005 - Transcending Bizarre? Official Site : n/a
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Link: StrangeLand - Metal music with a purpose [Detail]
Home of the metal band - StrangeLand - out of Peoria, IL - USA. Check out the music on the music page, get some cool downloads, say hello in our forum! Thanks!
Date : Jun-27-2005 - StrangeLand - Metal music with a purpose : n/a
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Link: ACRIMONIA-progressive death metal [Detail]
Music of AcrimoniA it`s result of different musical interests of musicans : death, jazz, jazzrock, progressive metal. It`s hard to describe, you just have to hear it. Come to our concerts, you won`t regret it!!!
Date : Jun-15-2005 - ACRIMONIA-progressive death metal : n/a
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Link: Inner Surge at MySpace [Detail]
One of the best places to get in touch with Canadian metal/punk band Inner Surge. Check out their myspace site.
Date : May-13-2005 - Inner Surge at MySpace : n/a

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