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Link: CD Army [Detail]
Worldwide distribution for indie musicians worldwide. Free artist hosting and merchandise to sell to fans.
Date : Oct-08-2005 - CD Army : n/a
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Link: Dave Montana Official Site [Detail]
Bio, Music, Photos, Discography and everything related to singer/songwriter Dave Montana.
Date : Oct-08-2005 - Dave Montana Official Site : n/a
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Link: [Detail]
Everything you need to organise a Wedding, Corporate Event, Party or Function in the UK. Search Musicians, Bands, Entertainers, Venues, Studios, PA Hire in the UK Entertainment Directory
Date : Oct-07-2005 - : n/a
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Link: Titan System [Detail]
'dubwise, rasping social-awareness reggae-style rawness from brighton-based musoid troop. expect the kind of deep, buoyant basslines that require their own fully-staffed system of internal government...'
Date : Sep-23-2005 - Titan System : n/a
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Link: Impulse Music UK [Detail]
Impulse Music is a 5 piece function and party band based in Lincolnshire, which can augment to an 8 piece, when the 3 piece brass section is added. A collaboration of some of the most outstanding session musicians in the UK, number 1 customer service department, and suitable for every audience, makes Impulse one of the top function bands in the UK.
Date : Sep-19-2005 - Impulse Music UK : n/a
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Link: Swedish singer/songwriter Jenny Beck [Detail]
Official home of singer/songwriter Jenny Beck. Listen to music, read reviews and press cuttings, order CDs and join the discussion on the music forum!
Date : Sep-13-2005 - Swedish singer/songwriter Jenny Beck : n/a
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Link: Lazarazu [Detail]
Lazarazu has a lush mix of loops and beats, textured guitar, driving bass and melodic female vocals. Producer/programmer Tom Ferris (Moev, Econoline Crush) weaves an intricate sonic landscape, in which Kevin Kanes (Grapes of Wrath) evocative guitar parts soar, and his pop-perfect harmonies float effortlessly behind the infectious melodies of lead v
Date : Sep-13-2005 - Lazarazu : n/a
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Link: BoA Kwon | Kwon BoA | Korean Jpop Singer [Detail]
BoA Kwon - Kwon BoA, Korean Jpop & Kpop Singer BoA.BoA Profile, BoA Discography, BoA Photos, BoA Lyric, BoA Albums, BoA News, BoA DVDs, BoA mp3.
Date : Sep-10-2005 - BoA Kwon | Kwon BoA | Korean Jpop Singer : n/a
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Link: Jessy Lee entertainment [Detail]
DJ, Karaoke and other music entertainment for Weddings, Birthday party, kids and other events. Southern California residents and businesses. Free prices!
Date : Sep-06-2005 - Jessy Lee entertainment : n/a
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Link: Angel Rada [Detail]
A new web site of the elctronic and ethnosonic musician Angel Rada, his pictures , his links, his biografy and musical concepts
Date : Sep-05-2005 - Angel Rada : n/a
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Link: Brother Guruk [Detail]
Brother Guruk, independent artist,electronica-world-soundtrack music .Artist based in San Rafael (CA) and Buenos Aires (Argentina).
Date : Aug-31-2005 - Brother Guruk : n/a
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Link: Darren Lambeth [Detail]
This site is the home of Darren Lambeth - saxophonist, vocalist, writer and producer.
Date : Aug-28-2005 - Darren Lambeth : n/a
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Link: Susan Raven [Detail]
Susan Raven is a songsmith, a 21st-century troubadour. Her critically-acclaimed album, Glittering Cities, is a cinematic journey from start to finish, an emotion-fired collection of majestic songcraft with strong vocal performances that fall somewhere between Sinead O'Connor and the Cranberries. This is a "must have" album!
Date : Aug-27-2005 - Susan Raven : n/a
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Link: Brother Guruk independent artist [Detail]
Music,mp3 legal download.File under electronica-world-soundtrack.Brother Guruk Independent artist.
Date : Aug-27-2005 - Brother Guruk independent artist : n/a
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Link: Official Site Of JM Cruiz [Detail]
JM Cruiz is from the greater Seattle area & has been in the Music scene there for many years. JM is a crafted Jazz Artist & has released 4 flavory Jazz CD's for your unique Taste!
Date : Aug-20-2005 - Official Site Of JM Cruiz : n/a
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Link: Scott F Crago - Drummer/Percussionist. Eagles Tour [Detail]
Scott F Crago. Drummer / Percussionist. Currently with The Eagles Touring Band, formerly with Venice. Sessions/Appearances with: Infectious Grooves Stevie Nicks, Sheryl Crow, Don Henley, Glenn Frey, producer for The Clear, songwriter, inventor..... Fans Pages for Scott!
Date : Aug-14-2005 - Scott F Crago - Drummer/Percussionist. Eagles Tour : n/a
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Link: Fonda Cash (Singer/Songwriter/Recording Artist) [Detail]
Fonda Cash is a country/rock/pop singer/song writer from Royal Palm Beach, Florida. Her passionate voice and melodic melodies will move you!!! Buy a copy of her new CD "I Wanna Be The Light" for only $10 and get a 18x24 poster of Fonda free.
Date : Aug-11-2005 - Fonda Cash (Singer/Songwriter/Recording Artist) : n/a
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Link: Monica Dennington Official Site [Detail]
Site includes Christian Music Artist Monica Dennington's music and teaching, videos, journal, and features her latest music releases. Also includes info on her upcoming internet TV broadcast, as well as concert and contact info.
Date : Aug-07-2005 - Monica Dennington Official Site : n/a
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Link: Reggae Artist ALI [Detail]
Empire Soundz, home of reggae dancehall recording artist ALI. A label started in the summer of 2003 and still going strong.
Date : Aug-07-2005 - Reggae Artist ALI : n/a
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Link: Patrick's Pub [Detail]
Real Irish rock and rap coming to a "fleadh" By Sheila Lennon I'm listening right now to full songs online by Celtic folk-rock-rap-reggae band Black 47, thanks to an email telling me about the First Annual Providence Fleadh on Aug. 14 where Black 47 will be playing along with Seanchai & the Unity Squad. (Yup, "Fleadh." I had to look
Date : Aug-03-2005 - Patrick's Pub : n/a
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Link: Ground Score [Detail]
Ground Score is a Rock/Fusion Band from Holly MI. They feature original music in their high energy, improvisational filled shows.
Date : Aug-01-2005 - Ground Score : n/a
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Link: Kat Klaw Productions - OUTTHERE [Detail]
The best Hip Hop beats in Jersey. Home of BEAT TO DEATH VOL. 4 DVD, the only, album/beat cd/dvd anywhere. Hosted by: Rockness Monster, featuring: Treach, B-Real, Drift, Coolwadda, & more. Your main man OUTTHERE got beats.
Date : Jul-30-2005 - Kat Klaw Productions - OUTTHERE : n/a
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Link: North Atlantic Oscillation [Detail]
Scotland’s favourite live/electronic two-piece, N.A.O use technology to deliver exciting and highly original live music.
Date : Jul-29-2005 - North Atlantic Oscillation : n/a
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Link: Ladrão [Detail]
Thief? This project was idealized by a Brazilian musician from Belo Horizonte, living in Juiz de Fora(MG) Brazil, Daniel Vitarelli. “Stealing Melodies, Rhythms and Grooves” do not pretend, in any way, to copy anybody. The idea, on the other hand, is to collect and to use all musical influences, creating something with its own personality.
Date : Jul-27-2005 - Ladrão : n/a
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Link: Grasping At Laws [Detail]
original eclectoplasmacoustic (tm) folk'n rock since 1997, featuring Greg Allen with vocals, rhythm guitar and songwriting, & Granville "Buster" Braxton on percussion and backing vocals. Grasping At Laws: it's apeople thing...
Date : Jul-25-2005 - Grasping At Laws : n/a
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Link: Greater Alexander music - by Alexander Vlachos [Detail]
Bringing you aesthetically pleasing Detroit Eclectic Blues- Jazz/Bop-Rock/Pop. This is music that is best heard during happy hour to make you happier. Alexander Vlachos started writing this type of music in late December/early January, 2005. His first show was on June 3, 2005 where he was reviewed by Go&Do Detroit Magazine.
Date : Jul-24-2005 - Greater Alexander music - by Alexander Vlachos : n/a
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Link: ZQWAX - The Official Website [Detail]
Free Music Downloads Site with Legal Free MP3 Downloads, Free Music Videos, Latest Music News and Online Music Chat.
Date : Jul-11-2005 - ZQWAX - The Official Website : n/a
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Link: WIPROZ - The Official Website [Detail]
100% Free MP3 Music Server with downloads and Hosting, 24/7 Radio Streams, Daily Music History, Chat, News.
Date : Jul-11-2005 - WIPROZ - The Official Website : n/a
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Link: The Child [Detail]
Amazing new indie band, an unclassifiable pop, post rock, electro and world music blend, heterodox material and exquisite vocals.
Date : Jul-10-2005 - The Child : n/a
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Link: David Joseph Piano Music [Detail]
David Joseph was born on April 26, 1972 in Oak Lawn, Illinois. He began to study piano at age 5. By the age of 7, he was performing piano solos in competitions, churches, and other various special events. He began experimenting with composing of original piano pieces by the time he was 8. He has continued to develop the creative aspect of this tale
Date : Jul-09-2005 - David Joseph Piano Music : n/a

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