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Link: reeldimension [Detail]
reeldimension offer full video production packages, filming, editing, post-production and dvd authoring. Although video production is the core of the company, reeldimension have also designed and built websites, created 3d and 2d animations and created interactive dvd-roms.
Date : Jan-29-2006 - reeldimension : n/a
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Link: Ped Productions [Detail]
We take your photos, videos, and music and create a custom slide show or video at a great price. These slide shows are perfect for graduations, weddings, birthday parties, and more. You won't find a more affordable place.
Date : Jan-27-2006 - Ped Productions : n/a
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Link: Dynamic Digital Advertising [Detail]
3D Modeling Dynamic Digital Advertising, a leader in digital advertising in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, uses highly specialized software to generate 3D models that range from word-art to photo-realism. DDA develops 3D models for use across all media from print advertising to the internet to digital virtual reality. Cost-e
Date : Jan-26-2006 - Dynamic Digital Advertising : n/a
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Link: Conception installation de décors pour animation [Detail]
Décoration et fête, un ensemble de prestations et décors pour votre événementiel
Date : Jan-18-2006 - Conception installation de décors pour animation : n/a
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Link: Trend Cube - A trend gallery of gadgets. [Detail]
Trend Galleries of Gadgets, Innovation, Electronics, Technology Trends, Pop Culture Trends, Media Trends, Marketing Strategy, Modern Art, Business Trends, Design Trends, Fashion Trends, and Style.
Date : Jan-17-2006 - Trend Cube - A trend gallery of gadgets. : n/a
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Link: Paul Roubicek - Cameraman [Detail]
Digital portfolio and information on Paul Roubicek, a cameraman, editor, producer who has filmed documentaries all over the world.
Date : Jan-12-2006 - Paul Roubicek - Cameraman : n/a
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Link: Media III [Detail]
Media III: A Media Company That Covers All The Islamic Events Worldwide, Video Shoots, Video Editing, Special Effects & Photography. Media III Works With Different Channels Like " ARY DIGITAL, PRIME TV, DM DIGITAL & ISLAM CHANNEL ( Agency ).
Date : Jan-01-2006 - Media III : n/a
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Link: Real World Images [Detail]
View and buy great photo image pictures by gallery of Angkor Wat travel Cambodia Khmer Empire Egyptian pyramids the Great pyramid Guatemala Mexico Mayan Pyramids Ancient India culture South Indian Temples Hindu Gods travel Thailand beaches photos of Vietnam people Saigon Hanoi
Date : Dec-21-2005 - Real World Images : n/a
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Link: Entertainment World [Detail]
Get connected with the world latest stories and hot news on top and popular artists, new movies and theatre.
Date : Dec-21-2005 - Entertainment World : n/a
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Link:  Load TV [Detail]
Load TV aims to promote independent entertainment production, events, technology, travel and business. Get involved in the production of an interactive movie script, "ADDED VALUE"
Date : Dec-19-2005 -  Load TV : n/a
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Link: Nusic Sound Source [Detail]
Nusic Sound - good source of the original music backgrounds and sound effects enviroment for multimedia shows.
Date : Dec-19-2005 - Nusic Sound Source : n/a
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Link: C.Whyte For President [Detail]
The greatest stories on the internet. Check out the world's first forum about whatever YOU want. A very origional site and a must see for all eyes!
Date : Dec-09-2005 - C.Whyte For President : n/a
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Link: Hartwigmusic -Music and Sound Design [Detail]
Producing music since the C64 era. We have composed music for computergames like Turrican I/II, Against Rome, Sarakon and much much more. Also we compose for short films like Code Guardian, Ultraviolent or like The Hunt. Beside these music tracks on our page there is also a big archive with free for use sounds for you guys!
Date : Dec-08-2005 - Hartwigmusic -Music and Sound Design : n/a
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Link: DVD Movie Creation [Detail]
Bring your memories to life by creating your own DVD movie. Lessons covering scanning your photos, adding video, adding audio, using different styles and more.
Date : Dec-02-2005 - DVD Movie Creation : n/a
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Link: Bar Mitzvah Party Supplies and Planning [Detail]
The total rental resource for all your special events. We can provide you with any kind of party related items.
Date : Nov-30-2005 - Bar Mitzvah Party Supplies and Planning : n/a
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Link: Discount City Mall [Detail]
Deeply discounted books, DVDs, GPS, MP3s, ipods, cameras, plasma TVs, camcorders, playstations, gameboys, CDs, apparel, toys, musical instruments, jewelry, notebooks, espresso machines, fine china, and much more.
Date : Nov-15-2005 - Discount City Mall : Excellent!
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Link: Title Safe Media Design & Video Post [Detail]
An award-winning media design studio in Houston Texas featuring web design, motion graphic design, 2D & 3D animation, digital visual effects and a full range of video editing services.
Date : Nov-12-2005 - Title Safe Media Design & Video Post : n/a
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Link: Virtual Reality Golf [Detail]
Virtual golf, live online chat, unlimited 3D Golg. Live Tournament, play with friends around the world, interactive 18-hole games
Date : Nov-04-2005 - Virtual Reality Golf : n/a
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Link: Grassroots Films [Detail]
Grassroots Films is a independent film company located in Brooklyn, New York. Producing short films, music videos, and documentaries.
Date : Sep-29-2005 - Grassroots Films : Excellent!
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Link: Any Karaoke [Detail]
The Newest And Best Karaoke Site Around!! Cheap Prices, Fast delivery, For Professionals Or Beginners
Date : Sep-21-2005 - Any Karaoke : n/a
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Link: Lirosi Video Productions Sydney [Detail]
Wedding Videos and DVDs are what we do best. Capturing the very special moments and recording their place in history. The latest Professional 3CCD Cameras are used to ensure great low light Digital footage, Wireless Professional Microphones for crystal clear audio.
Date : Sep-04-2005 - Lirosi Video Productions Sydney : n/a
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Link: Copyright infringment and piracy watch [Detail]
This site is devoted to the protection of copyright works, anti-piracy and promotion of legitimate music sources.
Date : Aug-30-2005 - Copyright infringment and piracy watch : n/a
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Link: Production Gear from Home Theater to Full Stage [Detail]
We carry most major brands of production gear, Dj sound and lighting. We do not list all our items on the site to save you money!
Date : Aug-30-2005 - Production Gear from Home Theater to Full Stage : n/a
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Link: The Digital Production Lounge [Detail]
final cut,forums,adobe after effects pro,combustion,discreet combustion,apple,apple shake,apple final cut pro, apple sountrack pro,apple logic 7,sondtrack,help with movies,post production,audio,disscusions,movie industry talk,independent film production,Special Effects,Makeup effects,final cut pro,tutorials,dv production,editing,foley,c
Date : Aug-11-2005 - The Digital Production Lounge : n/a
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Link: AUX Media [Detail]
Music production and sound design for different medias. We are especially skilled in the area of modern-day electronic music such as drum & bass, hip hop, RnB - as well as 60´s and 70´s rock n roll.
Date : Aug-01-2005 - AUX Media : n/a
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Link: New Age Audio Visual [Detail]
New Age Audio Visual is an innovative and competitive supplier of audio-visual equipment and multi-media services.
Date : Jul-21-2005 - New Age Audio Visual : n/a
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Link: DVD Burner [Detail]
Burn video DVDs with ease from MPEG-2 files or existing DVD image layouts; write DVD image layouts to your hard drive; convert AVI, WMV, and other MPEG files to DVD-complaint MPEG-2; and much more.
Date : Jul-20-2005 - DVD Burner : n/a
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Link: MPEG Encoder [Detail]
Powerful all-in-one audio and video software includes a fast and easy to use MPEG encoder feature, as well as converter, editor, burner, ripper, and much more.
Date : Jul-20-2005 - MPEG Encoder : n/a

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